As the song says, breaking up is hard to do–especially for teens. Not only does it hurt them emotionally, but it can be even worse through the added pressures of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Check out these tips for helping your teen get through their heartache:

  1. Give them their space: You want to be there for them, but sometimes the best way to be there is to leave them alone. Tell them you know it’s hard, and that you are there to talk when they want. They will come to you when they’re ready.

  2. Keep it off Facebook: Convince your teen to leave any and all info about the breakup off social media. Composing dramatic updates or tweets can be even more upsetting and gives others the chance to jump in. This will keep the breakup out of public focus and let them cope on their own.

  3. Keep them on track: Yes, your teen will need some alone time to deal with their emotions. But make sure they continue to do their daily activities and stay active. This will keep their minds off of the sadness they are feeling and help them return to their “pre-breakup” life. Keep an eye out for depression. Loss of joy from usual activities can be the first signs that this is turning into something bigger.

  4. Don’t lecture them: Eventually you may be frustrated with the sadness and the tears. But understand that they need time to heal; some more than others. Lecturing them will only make them hurt more, leading them to believe that you just don’t understand.

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