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I love sleep as much as the next person. Taking on the job of a mom, though, is an automatic sacrifice of a few hours of that shut eye. What started out as getting up early because the baby was awake has developed into rising early to get the day started before the crazy kicks in.

Some people can make the change to becoming a morning person with barely any effort. For others, it’s like trying to bathe a cat. Whichever describes you, here is how I made the shift to becoming a morning person.

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Go to bed earlier. I think this is the worst part of learning to become a morning person. Once all the kiddos are in bed, you want some time for yourself. But to get up earlier, you have to go to sleep earlier to get the recommended seven hours. One way to get to bed earlier and put yourself in the mind frame for sleep is by starting your bedtime routine thirty minutes before actually heading to bed. I find that things like washing my face, putting on my pajamas and reading a book put my body in a more restful state for sleep regardless of what time it is.

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Prepare the night before. Whatever your morning routine is, do as much to prepare the night before as you can. If you exercise first, have your workout clothes laid out. If coffee and making your to-do list is first, set your coffee pot the night before and have your paper and pen ready for list-making. You’re more likely to get up and get going if you’ve got your morning already laid out.

Have something to wake up for. Some people can get up just for the sake of getting up. If you’re like me, you need a reason to rise. I wake up at 5 a.m. most mornings to get my workout and Bible study time done before my son wakes up. Some people get up to write, read or do household chores. Whatever your reason is, make it something important enough that you’re willing to get up a little earlier to get it done.

Reap the rewards. With fitness, the results of lost weight or defined muscles is a motivating factor to keep going. The same is true of becoming a morning person. Because I work out when I wake up, I’ve started my day well and find it easier to make healthier choices throughout the day. That’s an incentive for me to get up early again the next day. Maybe you wake up early to knock out some chores, freeing up the rest of your day for time with family and friends or hobbies.

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For me, embracing the morning is very enriching for my life. I am better prepared for the day and have more quality time to spend with the people most important to me. Give these tips a try and you’ll find the benefits are enough to make you become a morning person, too.