If your significant other is anything like my husband, this time of year is thrilling… the NFL, NBA, college football and basketball! I know a lot of couples who compromise by watching different programming in separate rooms, taking turns between his and her shows/games or just tuning out while watching what the other enjoys choosing instead to browse through magazines, read a book or catch up on emails/social media. But, I have an alternative suggestion that is a surefire way to connect with your partner and have fun doing it.

Four tips to bond over sports: (even if you’re not a fan)

  1. Join a pool together. It doesn’t have to be fantasy football but we have found so much enjoyment in competing against one another. It keeps each game interesting! If you are not feeling brave enough to join an official pool, just make friendly bets about the outcome of the game. Think: Loser does the dishes tonight!
  2. Make it a fiesta! Assemble (cook or order) some great food, adult beverages and invite some friends over. It’ll make the game social and fun for you both. Check out our Skinny Appetizers and Skinny Snacks for some tasty, healthy options!
  3. Do your homework. ESPN has great behind the scenes programming that you and your honey will enjoy watching together. Just make sure to have a box of tissues handy! “A Football Life”, “E: 60”, “30 on 30” are all excellent, entertaining programs about athletes and surrounding sports. The added benefit – you will learn about the very athletes you can watch playing in games thus adding to the drama of the games’ outcome.
  4. Pick a favorite team and join the bandwagon. It’s contagious to be a part of a team’s fan base. And ladies, this is your chance to shop – get the latest team attire and accessories. My personal favorite, for their feminine, updated look, is the Touch line by Alyssa Milano.

Do you and your significant other bond over sports?! I’d love to hear how!

Photo Credit: http://www.shakadula.com