It’s no secret that Pilates is a great way to strengthen your body and mind. If you’re missing these four moves from your Pilates routine, you have to give them a try! Share your experience with us in the comments below after you’ve tried them out!

Swimming: This move strengthens the glutes, thigh muscles, and back muscles. It’s especially perfect for zoning in on the back, which is often neglected. Lie face down on your mat, with your legs close together. Allow your pelvis to sink into the floor as you stretch your arms out in front of you, palms down. With your toes pointed, lift your arms, legs, chest, and head up. Alternate lifting your right leg with your left arm and vice versa (as if you’re swimming!). For more information on this move, click here!

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Kneeling Side Kicks: This move is a killer core and hip exercise! Kneeling on one knee with the front surface of your body facing outward, put your left hand down on the mat. Place your hand behind your head while extending your right leg to the side. Without shifting your hips, swing your leg back. This movement should remain isolated in that your upper body does not aid at all. Next, perform the movement on the other side of your body. For more information on this move, click here!

Toe Taps: During this toe tap exercise, your hip flexors are acting as the primary movers, contracting throughout the movement. Your abdominals act to stabilize your trunk, while isometrically contracting. That means they do not lengthen or shorten during the exercise. A common isometric exercise, for example, is a plank. Lying on your back with your legs at a 45-degree angle, keep your arms to your side with your palms facing down. Focus on controlling your movements as you slowly lower one leg (keeping it bent) and touch your toes to the floor. Slowly return to your original position and repeat on your other side. For more information on this move, click here!

Photo Credit: Cait Norian via Livestrong

Photo Credit: Cate Norian via Livestrong

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Double Lunge Twist: With your right leg out in front of you, toes pointing forward, and your left leg in the back, stand with your hands behind your head. As you move into a lunge position, twist your torso as far to the right as possible. Straighten and return to your original position, and repeat this movement on your other leg. This move is a great core and lower body exercise due to its utilization of the quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors as a unit, with the addition of the abdominals! For more information on this move, click here!

double lunge twist pilates

Photo Credit: Mind Body Green

What Pilates moves work the most efficiently for you? Share with us in the comments below!