Ok, I must confess…… I have an addiction to BEAUTY PRODUCTS!! I can NEVER walk by Sephora or a MAC counter without going in and buying SOMETHING, ANYTHING that I probably don’t need. I mean really, I have over 60 (probably more but I’d rather not admit to an exact number) eyeshadows in which 30 are the “perfect” shade of Champagne:) I have a plethora of lipsticks and glosses, all of course the “perfect nude.”

Some people collect tea cups and snow babies……I collect make-up! Whatever justifies it in my mind, right?  With that being said, I need to store all this junk stuff somewhere. I also need to keep it organized so if you’re addicted to beauty products like myself, these tips may help you out.

Organizing your make up is definitely important, especially if you have a big collection. Not only will it make your room more put together, you can also keep track of your items.

1. Sort Your Make Up and Get Rid Of Expired Items

Put all of your make up products in front of you and try to sort them. You can separate them by categories. Eye products such as eye shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners are put together while face products go to another. Remember that you should get rid of any old make-up that you have had for awhile. These are most likely to be mascara, eyeliners and lipliners (which tend to dry out)

2. Get An Organizer

Prepare your space. Whether it be a vanity or corner of the sink; make it your own. There are lipstick holders, or other random containers that you can use. So the next time that you are doing your make up, it will be much easier for you to grab your products. I recently purchased the Hayworth Vanity from Pier One and absolutely LOVE it.

3. Sanitize

Always maintain a clean and dry area for your make up collection. Try to store them upright whenever possible. It is important to keep your brushes clean so try and clean your brushes weekly!!! This is crucial, especially the brushes you use on a daily basis. My favorite brush cleaner is from MAC.

4. Maintenance is Necessary

Always remember that if you are using your products, you have to put it back in its proper place. Also, create a schedule where you can sort through some of the stuff that you would need to throw away. Since make up doesn’t last that long, it is always essential to throw away ones that are no longer usable.

Pier One Imports has an amazing line called the Hayworth Collection. It is absolutely beautiful. I recently purchased the Jewelry Armoire and Vanity. Next on my list is the Lingerie Chest…perfect storage for my next Sephora haul. Who knows, there may be more shades of champagne and nudes that I can’t resist  😉