I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Summertime is the perfect time for ice cream parties and walks after dinner to an ice cream store. But this summer, why not involve your kids and MAKE your own ice cream? It’s a delicious way to spend some time together and after it’s finished, you’ll have a creamy cool treat to celebrate. And let’s face it, even the mistakes are a delight!

1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Let’s start out with a classic: mint chocolate chip. Swap out some of the whole milk for lite coconut milk. The dark chocolate chips are a great change up from milk chocolate. (via Bite Of Life


2. Ginger Ice Cream: Sweet and a little spicy, ginger is a great way to relieve an upset tummy. (via Moveable Feasts

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3. Columbia Roast Banana Cream: This recipe is under 4 ingredients! I love this idea of mixing coffee and banana flavors…especially when it involves Starbucks. (via Toastable)


4. Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream: Don’t freak out — this recipe includes avocado! Trust me it turns out fine, just wait for the end results and add a little more honey to sweeten it! (via Vintage Mixer)