My son, Trey, loves apples. But like most fickle toddlers, he doesn’t like them sliced, cubed or even in its popular sauce form; he only wants the whole apple! Go figure. But in spite of my best efforts to keep Trey healthy (an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away!) he caught his first major sickness recently; pink-eye, ear infection and wheezing to boot.

At 17-months, we had been pretty lucky dodging these common ailments but now that Trey had graduated from a nanny to day care; he was being welcomed to the real world of germs. The school teachers had a hunch when I picked up my little guy that he was sick, but I quickly confirmed it the following morning at the pediatrician’s office and subsequently at the pharmacy afterwards.

Little did I know that the worst part of having a sick toddler wasn’t the medicine or the home stay, it’s the heartbreaking way in which my little guy would utter, “ouchie” referring to everything aching him and the very little I could do to fix the problem. Aside from administering medication, my hugs, kisses and soothing were the best I could offer. What a helpless feeling!

On the bright side, just a few days later, he seems to be getting better and, in the meantime, I learned a few tricks that did seem to alleviate some of my sick baby’s symptoms:

1. Pediasure: When Trey’s appetite was off, this filled him with calories and he loved the taste, calling it “ice cream”.

2. Pasta and Fruit: Carbs seemed to be the only food palatable during his illness. I noticed although he wanted to try other foods he would spit them out, as if they did not taste “normal”.

3. Lots of baths: A warm drawn bath seemed to (at least temporarily) bring life and happiness back to my little guy.

4. Singing songs: A great distraction when he was feeling his worst. His favorite nursery rhymes uplifted his spirits instantly!

What other suggestions do you mommy’s have that are more reliable than the old “apple a day keeps the doctor away” cliché?

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