Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on our lives during the winter. As modern mothers, we have so many things dependent on us from work or school to community service and the million things we do daily for our families. We often don’t have the time to go to the doctor at the first sniffle, and we wait until we have no choice but to deal with a complete body meltdown.

You can avoid the meltdown and use home remedies at the first signs of a cold or flu. The key to a successful home remedy is using it at the first signs of sickness.


Tea: Peppermint tea boosts immunity because it aids your digestion. Your gut is the strongest immunity center in the body, so a healthy gut helps fight the cold and flu. In fact, it can also help relieve the congestion headaches and muscle aches common with the first signs of a cold.


Echinacea Tea: Echinacea reduces inflammation in the body, so it aids in the recovery time from the cold and flu virus. It also has anti-fungal and bacterial effects, which can prevent a full blown bacterial infection from forming.


Bone Broth: Chicken soup or beef bone broth that is homemade has both the anti-inflammatory effects of echinacea and the digestion and gut health boosting benefits of peppermint tea. Combine that with the nutrients in the vegetables you add and the hydrating and cleansing properties of water and there is a reason why chicken soup was your grandmother’s go-to cure.


Homemade Cough Syrup: One of my favorite home remedies is onion and honey syrup. I got this recipe from my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher when she had a never-ending cough. This amazing liquid really helps kick that annoying and lingering cough we get with a cold or flu.

Just peel and chop one onion and cover with honey. Cover with plastic wrap and leave on your counter for 6-8 hours. Then strain the onion and use the syrup. Adults can take up to 1 Tbsp every 2-4 hours and kids can take 1 tsp every 2-4 hours as well.

Today, we are all looking for the least invasive and most natural ways to help our body stay strong. The best medicine is the one that allows your body to heal itself.