On October 1, I weighed in and had my body fat tested.  I was shocked to say the least!  I knew that I had let myself go in the past year and I was trying to get myself back on track.  When I realized my weight was much more than I thought, I had to sit down and figure out where the added calories were coming from in my diet.  I realized it was alcohol and I had to address the issue ASAP.

Living in Hawaii is a bit like being on vacation year round.  Yes, I do all the day to day life things you all do with my kids and husband, BUT at the end of the day when I am sitting outside while the kids play 365 days of the year I always have a drink or two or three.  You know that feeling when it is summer and you sit on your back porch and relax and have a drink?  We do this everyday here.  When I looked at the calories of those relaxing drinks, I am consuming 800 to 1000 calories extra a day.  I was shocked, but I knew what needed to happen.  I cut the alcohol cold turkey.

Today I have gone 30 days without alcohol (okay, I had a couple of drinks at my Halloween party, but I honestly found myself not enjoying it and did not overindulge) and I don’t even want a drink anymore.  I have beat this vacation drinking lifestyle and I am moving on to my next 30 day detox.  Today is October 30th, and on November 1 I am going to go cold turkey on something else.  Would love any advice my readers could give me on what y’all think I should kick out of my diet!