I’m sure 2013 is already off to a busy start for you, and wow, it’s already mid-February! By now a lot of people who made the new year’s resolutions to lose weight or get fit have lost their motivation. How are YOU doing? Still pumped about this year? Still doing the work it takes to get where you want to go?  The number one new year’s resolution for moms is, of course, to lose weight. But sometimes life gets in the way and “being busy” is the main culprit. Here are my 3 tips to lose the weight on a busy schedule!

1. Make the time! You wonder how all the other fit mom’s find the time to work out? Well, the truth is that we have to make the time. We schedule it and stick with it! And when we stick to it, it becomes a habit–we all know that habits are addicting and super hard to break. Listen, we are all busy! But if you have time for blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Pinetrest, etc, then you DO HAVE THE TIME to work out. You will be surprised what you can accomplish in 15-20 min. No more excuses! For Skinny Workouts, click here.


2. Keep a journal. If  you are serious about losing weight, start keeping track of every bite that you eat. Be honest to yourself, and I mean writing down EVERY little bite, even that handful of your kid’s goldfish. It’s also really good to keep track of your workouts. I love to add how I felt that day and on a scale between 1-5 (5 feeling like super mom, 1 like Super TIRED mom). I LOVE to go back, read, and get inspired from old notes on the days I have NO time or motivation. It’s amazing what reading notes from when you have it “all together” can do to motivate you on the days when everything is going wrong! You might also want to make sure you are writing down realistic goals. Is it really possible for you to work out 6 times a week for 45min – 1 hour? Or are you more likely to give it your all 4 times a week for 40 min? It’s YOUR life, find what works for YOU!

3. Drink a lot of water! Super important, yet it’s so hard to do! Water has tons of benefits – from better skin, more energy and less bloating, to no headaches, less cravings,  and eating smaller meals. The advantages are nearly endless. Keep a water bottled filled up and in a place where you see it often: at your desk at work, on your counter or a table around the house. There are even water apps to keep track of it. SKIP the soda! Don’t drink your calories, it will make you overweight. Add lemons, cucumbers, oranges, raspberries or whatever you can think of to give it some flavor!

Now it’s YOUR turn. Please SHARE in the comment section YOUR best tips for a busy mom to lose weight.

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