This is a little difficult for me to write, because I absolutely love veggies. However, I have learned from my two-year-old that they may be an acquired taste for some. As most moms know, it takes extra effort to hide the “healthy” in family meals. Somehow the mere word leaves a bad taste in a kid’s mouth.

But most recently I ran into the V-8 Splash ads and it made me notice something. You know, the commercials where people get smacked on the head and told “you coulda had a V-8?” I never truly believed there were people out there who simply couldn’t handle the texture of a veggie or anything that doesn’t spell “potato.” Since 2000, the percentage of Americans who eat 3 or more servings of vegetables hasn’t really changed much. It has hovered around 26% according to the Centers for Disease Control’s survey in 2009. My personal hope is that with the growth of local and organic foods, as well as the Clean Eating trends, in a few years when the next survey is conducted, we may just see a spike!

In the meantime, using some Taylor Farms’ produce, I was able to round up three recipes to hide your veggies:

1. Taylor Farms Brussels Sprouts: Even if you like most veggies, Brussels sprouts don’t always make the top of people’s lists. Pick up a pack of preservative-free, ready to eat Taylor Farms’ Brussels Sprouts and print out SkinnyTaste’s Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta. Click here for the recipe.


2. Taylor Farms Organic Baby Kale: I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again. Kale is packed with fiber and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K. But it’s also a very leafy vegetable. It’s in an odd spot between spinach and lettuce–it almost looks like garnish, so I can see why it’s hard to get into. The great thing about kale and spinach is that they are super easy to mask in a smoothie. Our favorite kale infused smoothie is FitSugar’s Flat Belly Smoothie. It’s the one kale smoothie that doesn’t turn out green. A healthy dose of blueberries, some almond butter and pineapple completely hide the kale! Be sure to pick up Taylor Farm’s fresh kale for your next “green” smoothie.


3. Taylor Farms Cauliflower Florets: This amazing veggie can be mashed and endlessly reinvented. From pizza crusts to “mashed” potatoes, the cauliflower is a great substitute for starches. Our most recent cauliflower recipe is definitely our new favorite. Try our Skinny Curried Cauliflower Bites instead of all the deep fried green beans and cheese sticks. They look like little chicken nuggets but taste like a delicious starchy cake. Trust us, with the curry and ginger powder and the yogurt-moistened breading, people will be guessing what veggie it is…if a vegetable at all. Click here for the recipe.



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