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I used to post inspirational quotes on my dorm room door at Virginia School of the Arts and change them once a week. Now, we have Facebook posts to give us daily inspiration from our friends. I believe personal development books and audio books are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Self improvement allows you to deal more effectively with life’s ever-changing circumstances. In turn, your relationships improve and life in general brightens. Here are the three self-help books that changed my life.

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“The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy: The first time I listened to this book on audio, much of it went over my head as “things other people do.” I did manage to put a few of Mr. Hardy’s awesome ideas into practice. That’s the whole idea of this book: small changes compounded consistently over time can add up to a dramatic transformation. One year after my first listen, I pulled it out and listened to the entire audio again during a long drive. I was astounded at how much had changed in my life. The Compound Effect can occur in positive habits as well as negative. It’s never too late to make small changes.

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“Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy: If the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a live frog, the rest of the day is cake, right? That’s the concept introduced by Mr. Tracy in terms of time management. Figure out the most unsavory task and tackle it first. I learned techniques from this book that have helped me formulate a solid plan for each day, and actually stick to it. This book delivers what you find in the subtitle: “21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.”

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“How the World Sees You” by Sally Hogshead: Do you ever wonder why you feel completely on a roll in some situations? And, why you feel tongue-tied and awkward in others? Ms. Hogshead presents what she calls the Fascination Advantage, a viewpoint that allows you to discover your Personality Archetype and then use it to become more of who you really are. Once you figure out what strengths you possess naturally, you can focus on refining them. Likewise, the activities that kill your thrill can be avoided. The result is a feeling of energized success!

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If you love to read, try grabbing one of the above mentioned books on your smart phone so you can pull it out any time you are standing in line or in the waiting room. If reading is not your thing, snag the audio book and listen in during your commute. Either way, try to add 10 minutes or 10 pages to your day and you will watch your life improve before your very eyes!