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You’re so close to the end of your workday, and you’ve tried to prevent it but it still happens: That 3 p.m. crash. Instead of reaching for that candy bar or bag of chips, try one of these five energy bars to give you that end of day push your looking for.

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Quest Bars: With over 15 different flavors, there is one sure to please! My favorite has to be the chocolate chip cookie dough. Quest bars are very dense and fill you up. Sometimes I only eat half of the bar and save the rest for another day. Check them out here!

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Clif Bars: One word: Organic. Have you read the ingredient label? The Clif Bar family seems to go that extra mile to get great organic ingredients for their product! My favorite about thing about Clif Bars is the chewy consistency and the fact that you can buy them in a mini 100 calorie size. Find these energy bars here!

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Think Thin: This is a woman’s best friend with zero grams of sugar and it’s gluten-free! When I can find it, chocolate covered strawberries is my favorite flavor. It has over 20 different flavors and your choice of high protein, high fiber or nut bars. Think Thin is sure to help you get over your 3 p.m. slump. Want to try this energy bar? Click here!

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Balance Bar: Sometimes we need to play tricks on our minds and with Balance Bars, I pretend I’m eating a real candy bar. Unlike other bars, Balance Bar doesn’t have that protein taste and the Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch tastes just like eating a thin mint! Find out about about this energy bar here!

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Luna Bars: It’s gluten-free and 70 percent organic! I love the variety of flavors Luna Bars have to offer. S’mores, vanilla almond and chocolate peppermint stick are just some of my favorites. Also, I find that most flavors don’t have that high protein flavor, are less dense and resemble more of a granola bar. Click here to try this energy bar out!

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