My son is 9 months old and currently doesn’t have any siblings. He does have kids at day care who he plays with, but overall everything that he has is his. It’s because of this that I decided to research how to teach a child to share, and at what age.

Here are the top three tips I found:

1. He’s acting his age! After reading BabyCenter’s, “How can I teach my toddler to share?” I realize that it’s perfectly normal for Emmett to be hoarding toys or taking them away from other children. I think as parents we’re constantly worried about our children not being perfect or making a mistake; so much so that we’re hyper-sensitive to everything they do. After reading this article, I’m going to take a deep breath and spend more time watching Emmett play, rather than worrying about his sharing with friends.

2. Children learn by example. As parents, we can set the best example for our kids. I plan to keep this in mind, so that I can look for little learning opportunities throughout each day. This will enable me to slowly introduce sharing to Emmett. (More4Kids)
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3. Thank your child for sharing his toys with others. According to More4Kids, praising your child will help encourage him or her to share over and over again. What child doesn’t love seeing their parent smile and hug them tightly? It will lead the child into repeating the positive behavior.

I can’t wait to begin working with my son on sharing. It’s the most exciting thing in the world – watching him grasp a new concept and running with it.