When we are crazy about something we want to share it with the world and everyone that we know! But at some point, we need to look at ourselves and make sure we are not hurting our family and friends’ feelings by how we are acting. Fitness and health should be FUN, so invite your loved ones but make sure you don’t scare them away! Everything is about finding balance and make sure you don’t do these crazy “fit-nut fails” to scare those close to you away!

1.Don’t put others down because of their type of workout choice! We are all different, we all have different goals, and your choice is not better then others. Just because you love weight lifting and you know all the health benefits, it doesn’t make you a better person than the Zumba enthusiast or runner. Try to find a common interest – like how amazing you feel after your workout of choice – instead.

2. Don’t be a food police! Yes, you want to help but I promise you, by telling others how many calories they are consuming with that fried chicken salad, you will push your loved ones away. Lead by example and hopefully one day when/if they are feeling ready, they will want your support and you can share what you know and love so much. Never force your “help” if they don’t want to go down that road at that time.

3. Don’t be full of yourself! Yes, you finally did that crazy yoga move, or you achieved a new personal record at your last half marathon. But, at times, talking about all the things that you can do might make you look full off yourself. Mention it, but don’t “brag and beg” for compliments all the time. Save that one for your fellow “fit nut friends!”