Teens are picky. You were picky when you were a teen. Your tween is turning into a teen and now shopping is turning into a little bit of a nightmare. There’s an easy way to cut through some of the drama: get the labels their favorite stars are making. Go straight to the source and get the designs being put out by Selena and the Olsen twins. These designs are affordable. Even if the quality is not ever-lasting, it’s worth it because let’s face it, trends are never long lived and your child continues to grow out of both the trends and the sizes fairly quickly. Here’s 3 clothing lines definitely worth checking out.

  1. Olsenboye at JC Penney’s: This line is brought to us by the powerhouse twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The line is trendy, and offers both casual styles of clothing and more dressy lines. The feeling for the line ranges from both bohemian to classic fashion. Find it at JC Penney’s and expect a $20-40 price range. Check it out here.
  2. D-Signed by Target: Do your tweens love the Disney Channel and its stars? This line is great for your daughter.  It has all the styles of today, but in a teen-appropriate way that you’ll both love. The prices are budget friendly too: most items are below $20, several even range below $10 as well. Check it out here.


  3. Madonna Material Girl: This line is designed by the icon herself with help from her daughter Lourdes. The line is a little bit higher end than the others, and it’s sold exclusively at Macy’s. The prices range from $20 and up, but Macy’s has frequent sales that you can watch for. This line is also more of an older teen line, with slightly more sophisticated looks, perfect for your older teens looking for an affordable way to be in style! Check it out here.