Water bottles are a necessity at the gym, at work and while running errands. It’s always smart to keep a water bottle at your side! Stay hydrated and “green” with any of these great water bottles!

Ad-N-Art: ‘Pure Flavour 2 Go’ Water BottleIf you like flavored water, but don’t like the price tag, this water bottle is for you. This bottle makes it so easy to make your water a little more interesting! It comes with a flavor-infusing column that you can fill with your favorite fruit! Try this bottle for your favorite detox drinks!

pure flavour

Clean Bottle ‘The Square’ Water Bottle: It’s hip to be square with this totally adorable water bottle! Because of its shape, you won’t have to worry about it rolling away from you at the gym or when the kids drop it!

square water

S’well Water Bottles: You won’t be hot and cold for these bottles, but they will be hot and cold for you! These S’well bottles do it all! They can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and liquids hot for up to 12 hours.


Ello Syndicate Water BottleThis is a sturdy and stylish glass water bottle! You can get all the sustainability of a glass bottle without feeling like you have to handle it with care, thanks to its silicone protective outer shell.

ello syndicate

Bobble 34 oz Water Bottle: If you’re always filling up your water bottle on the go, this one is for you! Thanks to its handy filter, your tap-water worries are a thing of the past.

bobble 34 oz

AKTive Lifestyle Hydration BottleTall: This water bottle is so pretty, such a fun shape and totally leak-proof! You can toss this in your gym bag without fear of finding soggy socks when you make it to the locker room!

AKTive Lifestyle

Portable Beverage Bottle Vapur 0.5 liter Purple: This collapsible water bottle is perfect for travel. It can be flatten, folded or rolled when empty, making storage for this cute little bottle a breeze!


Reliance Green Glacier 24 Oz: You can’t get much greener than this bottle! Green Glacier’s 24 oz water bottle is insulated with North American straw! Not only does the straw insulate, it makes for a super pretty outer shell!

reliance green glacier

Takeya Glass Water Bottle, 16 Oz. with Silicone Jacket: Get hands on with this glass water bottle’s slip-proof silicone jacket! The jacket comes in all sorts of fun colors, and each is made with a windows on the sides to keep track of how much water is left in your bottle!

takeya glass

Quenching Victory Water Bottle: This is such a clever idea for a water bottle! Who didn’t want to purchase Water Works while playing Monopoly? This aluminum bottle is too much fun! Let this one give you a laugh when it’s time to rehydrate!

quenching victory

H2OMG ‘Tap is Terrific’ Bottle: All of you that skip the plastic, disposable water bottle and opt for the reusable version get a bit of bragging rights! This super cute bottle is the perfect way to show that you’re both sustainable and stylish!

tap water bottle

Citrus Zinger Water BottleWaking up to a big glass, or bottle, of water with lemon helps get your metabolism moving in the morning. This bottle makes that task simple all day long!

citrus zinger

Eco Vessel ‘Splash’ Tritan Water Bottle: Drink from the bottle without unscrewing the cap with these bright, eco-friendly water bottles. This is also a fun one for little ones who have a tendency to spill!

eco water bottle

Nathan QuickShot Water Bottle: This is the perfect water bottle for your run. Slide this over your hand and head out the door. This water bottle will help you stay hydrated for miles!


Hydro Flask 40oz. Wide Mouth Water Bottle: This bottle isn’t messing around! Tote 40 oz of water with you on the go! This was made for long hikes, camping trips, and really anytime you need a whole lotta of water on the go!

hydro flask

Skratch Labs Polar Bottle: This bottle is freezable! If you want ice cold water that last all day, freeze this bottle ahead of time and as it thaws, it will still stay crisp and cold.


CamelBak All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier: This bottle basically does everything except put the water into the bottle for you. The UV purifier cleans tap or naturally found water, making it perfectly safe to drink! You can ease your mind and ensure you are always drinking clean water. Its LCD display lets you know when your water is ready to drink!


Liberty Bottleworks NYC Transit Bottle with Sport Top: Stay hydrated while you sweat your way through NYC’s transit system! You’ll never look like a tourist again with this cute and colorful cheat sheet turned water bottle!

liberty bottleworks nyc

Sriracha Water Bottle: We could put Sriracha on everything! If you’re anything like us, you’ve considered drinking it straight from the bottle. We could only love this water bottle more if it came with Sriracha inside! We love it, you love it, why not get a water bottle that shows it?


Illuminate Water Bottle: Do you ever get nervous going out for runs at night? If so, this is the water bottle for you! It has a strobe setting to keep you noticeable and hydrated all at the same time!

illuminate water bottle

TRX Stainless Steel Water Bottle: There is no workout quite like a TRX workout. For all of you TRX fans, this water bottle is for you. You’ve got to replace all that sweat somehow, right?!


Dr Seuss Places Water Bottle“Oh, the places you’ll go” with this water bottle. A Dr. Seuss Classic on a take-anywhere water bottle. This one will remind you to dream big! How cute!

dr seuss

Blue Miami Fusion Quench Hydration BottleThis break-resistant water bottle with a slip-free flip top lid will withstand your clumsiest days, toughest workouts and hardest-hitting hikes.

blue miami bottle

AffirmWater 32-oz Blue ‘I am Water’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle: This is such a smart product. This stainless steel water bottle comes with two interchangeable lids to cover all your water-on-the-go needs!


Capri Tools Capri BPA Free Tritan Water Bottle: This sleek and simple water bottle has a wide mouth so it can be filled easily, anywhere. Ice cubes are a breeze to toss into this water bottle as well, of those of you who like your water super cold!

capri tools

Lifeline USA Breast Cancer Awareness Water Bottle: Support the fighting against breast cancer with this beautiful pink water bottle. A portion of the proceeds for this bottle go toward breast cancer awareness!

lifeline breast cancer bottle

Well, we’re certainly feeling refreshed, and we hope you are too! Any of these awesome water bottles will help you meet your daily water needs!