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25 Best Ways to Stay Together

As we celebrate the love we share with our significant others on this special day, keep these 25 tips to a happy marriage/relationship in mind. Author Ben White reminds us the “simple truths, surprising insights into what makes relationships work, and what makes relationships last”  in his enjoyable book, The 100 Best Ways to Stay Together. I’ve highlighted 25 of the tips below:
Please comment below with your own tips on the best ways to stay together. Let’s spread the love today! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂
  1. Communicate
  2. No matter what you do at work, be equals at home.
  3. If you don’t want to talk about it, it should be the first thing you talk about.
  4. Don’t hog the remote.
  5. If you get too busy for intimacy, change your priorities.
  6. Agree on your priorities.
  7. Don’t bring preconceived ideas of the perfect partner into a relationship; your partner is somebody else.
  8. Share housework and swap chores. (In a poll that asked women whether they’d rather watch a man dance naked or wash dishes, 61% chose dishes!)
  9. Dance naked while you wash dishes.
  10. Date your partner, no matter how old you get.
  11. Expect change in the world, yourself, your partner, and your relationship.
  12. Remember the past, plan for the furture, live in the present.
  13. If it’s serious to your partner, it’s serious.
  14. Hug.
  15. Don’t fight to win, fight to tie.
  16. Don’t feud with an audience present.
  17. Make making up so fun you almost look forward to a fight.
  18. Be liberal with compliments.
  19. Be gentle with criticisms.
  20. Don’t let having children displace your relationship.
  21. Never compete for your children’s affection.
  22. Never assume.
  23. If you take your partner for granted, someone else may not.
  24. Don’t get sloppy with your appearance.
  25. Be there.