The day of love is fast approaching but it shouldn’t be the only time you let your partner know how important he is to you. Let him/her know every day with these tips for loving out loud.

  1. Take time each day to say, “I love you”: Don’t take this phrase for granted, it can never be said too much.
  2. Compliment his outfit: We are not the only ones who want to be noticed, so let him know that you still love the way he looks.
  3. Laugh with him: Lighten up his mood if he has had a bad day or simply try to lighten your own mood and make it contagious.
  4. Get him a little treat: It doesn’t have to be something extravagant…grab him his favorite “splurge” occasionally to let him know you were thinking about him.
  5. Let him overhear you talking him up: Be a little loud next time you are complimenting him or something he has done to one of your friends or family. He doesn’t always realize how much you appreciate his effort.
  6. Say “Hello” and “Goodbye”: Send him off and greet him at the door when he gets home from wor
    k if your schedule allows. If you can’t do it every day, try to surprise him every once in a while if you can.
  7. Take the kids: Sometimes he just needs a few moments to himself, so next time the children are hollering during his favorite TV show gather them up for a game time with mom in the other room.
  8. Knock off an item on his honey-do list: Mow the lawn or do one of the other household chores that is traditionally his to lighten his load a little bit.
  9. Keep him in mind when scheduling: Don’t schedule every moment of your every week with tasks that don’t include him. Make time for just the two of you even if you have to enter that chunk of time into your organizer.
  10. Recognize his effort: If your husband helps out on your honey-do list, but doesn’t do it quite the way you would have, let it go. Thank him for taking the time to help you out and let him know how much you appreciate him.
  11. Lend a hand: Men crave human contact as much as women so take a couple unexpected moments to hold their hand or give them a quick hug.
  12. Plan a night he will love: Date night shouldn’t always be on his shoulders to create. Plan a night that you are sure he will love and have everything set up ahead of time.
  13. Spruce up for no reason: Get all done up for a regular night in with the family just so he knows you still care to look extra special for him. You will feel amazing too!
  14. No one likes a joker: Don’t make fun of him too much in public. A ribbing every once in a while is good to keep the humor in the relationship, but you don’t want him to think you are belittling him.
  15. Treat him to lunch: Get him a gift card to his favorite restaurant and slip it into his wallet so he can have his favorite food as a surprise.
  16. Shoot him a quick text: He doesn’t know how many times a day he pops into your head so give him a loving message next time you miss him during your day-to-day activities.
  17. Don’t sweat it: Try to let go of the little disagreements you have and don’t hold a grudge.
  18. Every guy needs some guy time: Whether it be watching the game with his buddies or a good game of golf, make sure he has time to do what he enjoys occasionally.
  19. Have fun: You got married to enjoy your life together as a couple so take the time to have fun as often as you can.
  20. Have Valentine’s Day once a month: Take the time each month to do something special for him that shows a little effort and a whole lot of love.
  21. Do unto others: Treat your husband in the manner that you want to be treated. Respect him, love him, and honor him and he will be sure to return the favor.