Do you find yourself dreading Sunday evening, knowing all too well that it means the inevitable doom of a Monday, and even worse, a Monday morning?

Here are 20 ways to have a killer Monday and lose the Sunday evening blues!

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Relax: How many chores do we really need to do in a weekend? Do a few things every day, and leave your weekends open to family time and relaxing for a refreshed you and a better Monday.

Keep the “cheating” at bay: It’s easy to forgo good food and drink choices on the weekends, especially during the holidays when parties abound. Pick one evening per weekend to eat and drink whatever you choose (Sunday evening is probably a bad choice) and stick to your healthy habits the rest of the time. All that heavy food and drink can make for a sluggish and tired you on Monday.

Get enough sleep: Treat Sunday night the same you would a Tuesday night. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and wake up refreshed!

Make Monday fun! Make Monday your treat day! Buy yourself a small gift for all your hard work, or get a spa treatment like a mani or pedi done on Mondays only!

Keep to your regular sleep schedule: It’s a wonderful feeling to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday, but getting back into your weekday sleep routine may be harder if you do. Pick one day to sleep in and keep to your weekday routine for the other.

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Get motivated: Positive affirmations may feel silly at first, but they are shown to improve one’s mood and outlook. Make it a point to have a Monday morning positive affirmation and take the negativity out of the day!

Get outside: Many of us spend our days inside an office. Make it a point to get outside on the weekends and get in the nature you crave!

Glam it up: Make Monday your diva day. Sport your stilettos and rock a slammin’ suit to feel and look your best and put more pep in your step!

Lunch bunch: Many of us brown bag it regularly to both stay on track with our diets and to save money as well. Make Mondays your lunch with the ladies day and pick a new spot each week to try!


Keep moving! Just like cheating on your diet will leave you feeling weighed down, a lack of exercise on the weekends will leave you feeling less energized on Monday. Pick an active activity each day to keep you off the couch and your energy flowing for a better Monday.

Give yourself a break: Getting back into the groove after the weekend is hard. Give yourself Monday mornings to slowly get going for the week and schedule major meetings and appointments for the afternoon, or better yet, the four other work days.

Get your groove on: You don’t need a group for a dance party! Have a dance mix ready to go Monday morning (or any morning really)!

Unplug: Rather than spending Sunday night ignoring the inevitable via electronic entertainment, spend your Sunday evenings relaxing with a good book. Studies show that unplugging leads to better sleep patterns, something we could all use for a better Monday!

Embrace your inner yogi: Yoga can be a great way to bring your body, spirit and mind together. Try a Monday morning Sun Salutation and start the week balanced and ready!

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Make a Monday list: On Friday afternoon, make a list of all that you want to accomplish in the week ahead. Not what you need to, but what you want to. Keep your list visible throughout the weekend and you’ll be rearing to go Monday morning!

Keep your “why” visible: We all have a reason we go to work every week, one that is beyond money. Maybe it’s our kids, our family’s future, our self-esteem. Whatever it is, keep that Why clear in your mind to get you ready and motivated for Monday!

Watch History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’: Clearly we’re here for a huge purpose. Aliens traveled a long way to get to us.

Make Monday Date Night: Getting through a Monday can be made all that much better knowing you will be enjoying a lovely dinner with your sweetie in just a few hours!

Make Mondays Fundays: Take a break from the norm and do something fun on Mondays. Poll Dancing Lesson lunch break anyone??

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Take back Monday! Society has told us that Mondays are terrible, but we do have a choice. Decide to take back Mondays and see them as a fresh start!

Let us know your favorite way to find a little more motivation on Mondays, and check out these 8 Tips to Relax and Boost Your Mood any day of the week!