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This week I had to take one of my twins to the hospital. It wasn’t serious, but it was an “ordered” visit from the pediatrician when she was born. Since she was breech and a girl, there is a higher chance of her having hip dysplasia, where the hip ball & socket doesn’t form properly. Although there was very little risk that she had this, she still needed to have an ultrasound of both hips to be on the safe side.

Going to the hospital with my little one was a humbling experience, especially since she was healthy. There were several families of sick children, several in wheelchairs, and it made me realize how fortunate I am to have healthy children. It’s amazing to see such brave little faces waiting for their examinations while the parents have stressed, worried looks.

My daughter did an amazing job during the ultrasound. She didn’t cry once! After our ultrasound the doctor told us that she looks great, however there was a very slight concern so we have to go back in 6-8 weeks to check on her development. It was such a relief and I was such a proud mama. But as I left the examination room and headed out to the lobby, I was reminded again about how fortunate I am. I continue to think about those sweet faces and pray that they all have as good of an outcome as we did.