Are you a working mum like me? It’s certainly not an easy lifestyle. However, I always knew I wanted to be both a professional woman and a mum, so there are sacrifices and trade-offs that must be made. Here are some of the frequent challenges I face, and if you’re a working woman too, I bet you can relate!

  1. Putting makeup on with a baby in your arms – getting in your morning cuddles, while applying your mascara is no easy feat! Kudos to working mum’s who can get super-extended lashes, and an even longer snuggle each morning.
  2. Missing your kids – I’ve always had a little jealously of stay-at-home moms who don’t really have the chance to miss their kids each day. I miss mine like crazy, and am always excited to see them at the end of my work day.
  3. Rushing to get everywhere – it seems that from the moment I wake, I’m rushing. Rushing to get out the door, rushing through my daily commute, rushing home at night thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner. Always rushing.
  4. Making extra lunches – not only do I have to make my kids’ lunches, I have to make mine too! Thankfully my hubby gets a little extra nod here for packing our daughter’s lunch bag most days.
  5. Quick and healthy dinners – speed is of the essence here! By the time I get home from the office it’s very close to dinner time. I need quick, easy meals that pack a healthy punch. No small task. (Thank goodness for all the amazing, quick recipes on skinnymom!)
  6. Planning anything non-kid related at night – truth be told I’m not the kind of mum who wants a break from my kids. Being away from them on a weeknight breaks my heart because I’m already apart from them all day! So, I tend to just keep my evenings to time with my family; for me, it’s the perfect way to decompress after a busy day.
  7. The car seat shuffle – car seats are the bane of my existence! We are constantly flipping our four car seats between three cars – my husbands, mine and our daycare provider’s. I especially despise them in the winter when my fingers are cold, because cold fingers + universal latching system = ouch!
  8. Forgetting your cell phone – for most people, forgetting your cell is a pain. For a working mum, it adds heightened concern just in case school or daycare needs you. I’m always certain those are the days that they’ll be calling, and my phone will be ringing somewhere in the abyss of my house!
  9. Eating breakfast at a reasonable time – as mentioned, life as a working mum is a total rush. Many studies say that you should eat within 15 minutes of waking up, but I just don’t see how that’s feasible! We get our children fed, but I certainly don’t eat until I’ve been up for at least 2-3 hours.
  10. Guilt – oh, the guilt. My daycare is on a country road, and I recall when I was getting set to go back to work last year seeing all the mums out at the edge of the road, waiting for the energetic kids to get off the school bus mid-afternoon. Knowing I don’t get to be one of those lucky mums breaks my heart, and brings on the guilt of being a working mama.
  11. Prioritizing – my kids always come first, no question. But, I also want to be everything to everyone – work, friends, hobbies. But, I have no choice but to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!
  12. Confidence in your daycare – being a working mum would be absolutely impossible if you didn’t have great support from your care provider. We have been lucky to have two amazing caregivers since having kids, and I have always been able to go to work knowing my girls are in capable and loving hands. (Super shout out to Kerri & Nancy!)
  13. Remembering to do your hair…all of it – yes, guilty. I have had days where I’ve gone to the office and just when I’m in the middle of speaking with someone the fleeting thought enters my mind – did I remember to finish my hair this morning? Most days, thankfully, I have. The odd day– I have not.
  14. Juggling schedules with your partner – my husband and I are always on top of each other’s schedule, because we just have no other choice! Who’s picking the girls up, who’s got the groceries, who’s picking up more dish soap?! Juggling two professional schedules with the demands of children is a tough one!
  15. Commuting – oh, commuting. My 45-minute commute is a killer some days; road rage, speeding, crazy drivers and all. Thank goodness for the radio and humorous morning hosts – they get me through the ride!
  16. Me time – I know many people say that you have to put yourself first as a mum, but I just don’t see that as possible. I put my kids first, and then I put time in for me. But when you spend all day at the office, the only ‘me’ time I want is ‘we’ time with my family.
  17. Time to work out – I spend time going to dance, swimming and soccer for my children, but what about me?! It’s hard to find time, but I squeeze it in whenever I can.
  18. Climbing the corporate ladder – most working women have to choose – do you have kids, then climb the corporate ladder, or climb then have kids? We all have aspirations; I chose to have my kids first. No regrets at all, but it did come at the price of putting career goals on a small pause for a while.
  19. Feeling like you’re missing key moments – first steps, first words, school field trips and more. As a working mum, I just can’t be everywhere. The most important thing for me is being present and engaged when I am there.

Nobody said that being a working mum would be easy, but nothing in life is easy. Your path is what you choose it to be, and I have no regrets in the path that I’ve selected. The most important thing, I think, is that any mum – working or not – make their children their first priority and create an example for them that is positive and encouraging so they know that when they grow up they can truly achieve anything they want.