Quick, do a search for reasons to have children with the aid of your favorite search engine! What did to you get as results? If you were anything like me, it was list upon blog upon list for reasons why NOT to have children. And that’s fine, but what about all the amazing reasons to add to your family and your life by having children? Whether it is the first child or deciding to expand your family, these are the reasons that I find most meaningful when trying to decide to take the plunge and how they can actually help your health!

1 – Easier Menstration – It just so happens that women who experience painful cramps during their periods are known to get relief after having their first child!

2 – Learn to be Unselfish – Even the most selfish person has to admit that once they have a child, their own needs tend to play second fiddle to those of their children. This can be quite healthy and beneficial to learning to empathize and appreciate others.

3 – Children are Teachers – I have learned so much through being a parent, and the best is that my children teach me daily. Whether it is learning to be more patient, explain more clearly, or how many pennies are in a nickel, children are life’s ultimate teachers!

4 – Healthier Heart – Researchers are finding that the elevated estrogen levels released during pregnancy help combat those lose during menopause. It is this lack of estrogen that can lead to heart disease in women.

5 – Parent’s Tend to be Healthier – This is because most parents know that they are their child’s first teacher and role model and thus tend to take better care of their health as a positive example for their children.

6 – Better Moods – One study has shown that anxiety and depression are less in women with children as opposed to those without for numerous reasons, but one of these may be that the hormone oxytocin is released through feelings of love and bonding that mothers feel with their children.

7 – Better Sex – During the second trimester of pregnancy, sex hormones rev up and making love becomes even more exciting and pleasurable. After the birth, sex may take a backseat to everything from breastfeeding to exhaustion, keeping up your Kegel exercises will make sex fabulous again… once the baby is sleeping through the night!

8 – More Laughs – Parents tend to laugh more, enough said. And, anyone with a toddler knows this to be true!

9 – Protection from Breast Cancer – More pregnancies mean fewer periods, which mean fewer hormone releases which can increase a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. Breast feeding and pregnancy can release hormones which can make breast cells more resistant to becoming cancerous.

10 – Your Own Fan Group – One of my own personal favorite reasons, if shallow, to have children is the fact they love you and think you are gorgeous on your worst hair day, when make-up won’t cover that blemish, and you haven’t had time to shower.

11 – Motivation to be a Better Person – While I already mentioned health, children are motivation to be better all around… from cutting down on unhealthy habits to curbing road rage and bad word usage, little eyes are watching!

12 – Simplicity – We all know that many times when we buy a child a toy, they end up playing with the box it came in! We can all learn a lesson from this. Appreciate the simple things in life!

13 – Meet Different People – Having children allows us to connect on a different level with multiple different adults, thus broadening our ┬ásocial networks. Plus, it is always fun to share the experiences that our children put us through with others who have been there!

14 – Decorated Walls – Whether it is through fantastic artwork or fabulous family pictures, children certainly dress up our boring old walls!

15 – My Personal Favorite! – Buy and dress your kiddos in all the cutest styles, because they can wear anything!


Obviously, a lot of these reasons are more fun than literal, but let’s be honest here a moment. Having a child is an amazing responsibility and blessing and with this, we parents need to have ┬ásome fun with it or we go crazy!