For the past month I have been complacent. Two months into the challenge, I’ve lost 15 pounds, none of my clothing fits me properly, and people have noticed. This has been my most successful diet to date. Apparently that made me feel as thought I had reached success and allowed myself to fall into old habits. Three examples:

• Money got tight at the end of the month, so I fell back to the ‘ol “cut the grocery trip out this week to save and make due out of the pantry” routine I developed in college. Unfortunately, although my pantry is stocked enough to do this – fresh veggies, fruits and proteins aren’t exactly in there.

• Football, baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and tailgate parities have popped up – and the ‘ol “I won’t eat all day so I can feel free to eat whatever” routine seemed logical.

• I have a teething ten month old. Sleep is not really happening as it should be for mommy or baby. As a result, an afternoon diet soda seemed totally rational in order to keep me going… but that left no room for good old fashioned water.

Basically, I lost my drive. My fire. I fell in to old habits because I felt a tiny twinge of success. Well, although I haven’t gained any weight… I have stopped losing at an acceptable rate (for me). I’m holding steady at 188.5 pounds (Down 16.5 pounds from the beginning, however my goal for this point was 20.).

I read a statistic that Airplanes are off course 90% of the time. NINETY PERCENT. They make it to their final destination by nearly continual course corrections throughout the duration of the flight. The point is, you’re going to get off track. You’re going to screw up, fall off the wagon – getting off track is an inherent part of being human.

The other inherent part of being human? The ability to CHOOSE.
We may not be able to choose our circumstances, but we have 100% control over our reaction to them. Always. That choice belongs to you and you alone. Every day. In every way. Doing this challenge is a once and lifetime opportunity that I’m not going to let slip past me due to an irrational complacency. So I chose off of my butt on Saturday, planned my meals for the week PROPERLY and went to the grocery. I’m back on board, and have regained my focus on the course ahead.

How are you doing?