Eggs are an excellent protein source, making them the perfect breakfast food… or really anytime food! These products will help making, storing, and prepping eggs easier and more fun then ever! These products are super egg-citing (if you catch our drift).

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Kalorik: Rollie Egg Master: Eggs definitely make an awesome breakfast. But, between trying to get kids, your husband, the pets and yourself ready in the morning, picking up a skillet is the last thing you have time to deal with! This kitchen gadget allows you to treat your family to a hot, protein-packed breakfast without ever standing over a stove. Just crack an egg, or rolls, or anything you can think of, into the Rollie, and it cooks it to perfection!

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Farberware Premium Professional Skillet with Egg Poacher Insert: Poaching eggs can take a little bit of skill. We don’t even want to mention how many times we’ve messed these up! They either don’t stay together, break or are undercooked! Luckily, we have found a product that takes the stress out of making perfectly beautiful poached eggs. Poach eight eggs at once with this dishwasher safe skillet!

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Cuisinart Egg Cooker: Hard-boiled eggs are a staple in most kitchens. They also make a terrific, healthy snack. Cooking them is another story, though. Let’s face it, they can be a little stubborn! Different size eggs require different cooking times, cold eggs take longer than room temperature eggs, you name it. The Cuisinart Egg Cooker takes all of the guesswork out of hard-boiling eggs so you can just peel and enjoy!

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Microwave Omelet Cooker: This cooker give you a  filling and warm Sunday morning breakfast any day of the week! Simply whisk eggs, add your favorite omelet ingredients, pop it into the microwave and you’ve got breakfast! Since this guy is dishwasher safe, the cleanup is a breeze.

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Back to Basic: Egg ‘N Muffin: Toast your bread and cook your eggs at the same time. With this clever toaster, you can quickly make two egg sandwiches by toasting bread, bagels or English muffins and poaching two eggs. This toaster comes with all of the bells and whistles: a crumb tray, cool-touch exterior, defrost option and more.

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Egg Minder: Electronic Egg Tray: Never use a bad egg again! The Egg Minder tells you which egg has been there the longest. It also keeps track of how many eggs you have in your fridge and sends the information to your phone using the Wink app! If you’re at the grocery store, you never have to question if you need to buy eggs.

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Pluck Egg Yolk Extractor: Separating eggs can get messy. No method is foolproof. Tossing the yolk back and forth between shells can leave shell pieces in your whites and pulling out the yolks with your hands is just… yuck!  This yolk extractor is the answer to all of your egg separating problems.

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Brain Food Egg Mold: This silicone mold will make breakfast fun! Who wouldn’t want skull shaped eggs? The kids will have a ball with this breakfast. Be sure they get their “brain food” every morning with this fun mold!

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Ceramic Egg Holder: This pretty egg holder fits perfectly in any fridge. It holds up to a dozen eggs and is about a million times more adorable than a store-bought egg carton! This holder gives you easy access to your eggs, no need opening and closing cartons.

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Amco Houseworks 3 In 1 Egg Slicer: For everything from egg salad to chef’s salads, this egg slicer will make an egg-lover’s life so much easier! Your egg slices will come out perfectly uniform every time. Once you own this product you will not know how you went so long without it!

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Cuisipro Egg Silicone Poacher: Never have your poached eggs fall apart on you again! Simply place this egg poaching cup on the side of your pot and crack your egg right into the cup itself. Your egg will cook gently while in the poacher. When the egg is cooked to your liking, pull the poacher out and slide your egg directly onto your sandwich or eggs benedict!

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Plastic Egg Molds: This may be the best way we have seen to get kids to love eggs! These adorable egg molds allow you to form a hard boiled egg into fun shapes that kids will eat right up! Take a shelled, just-boiled egg, close it into the mold, place the mold in cold water and voila, animal-shaped eggs that kids won’t be able to get enough of.

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EggSplit: This clever egg yolk separator actually attaches to the side of your bowl! We love this design. Cracking eggs takes two hands so how on earth could you crack an egg and hold your yolk separator at the same time? This product solves that problem for you!


OXO Good Grips Egg Beater: Sometimes you just don’t want to pull out your electric hand mixer to beat up a few eggs, but a fork doesn’t quite get the job done either. That is where is amazing egg beater comes in! It will break stubborn yolks and give you the airy scrambled eggs you want. Best of all, you can pop it right into the dishwasher after you’re finished! You can also use it to make fresh whipped cream or mix a small batch of batter.

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Paladone Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter: This adorable breakfast set is sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces at the breakfast table! This little soldier holds one egg, so you can dip your toast into the egg yolk! This set also comes with a bread-sized cookie cutter to cut your toast into soldiers as well!

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We hope you were able to egg-stract some useful information about all of these fun egg products that we just can’t get enough of! Share any of your other favorite egg products in the comments below!