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Despite the benefits of having a personal trainer to guide you through your weight loss journey let’s be honest, personal trainers are expensive. So if you’re spending the time and money on a personal trainer, they better be living up to your standards! Unfortunately, some personal trainers fall short on expectations. To help you recognize the signs of a personal training relationship gone bad, we’ve compiled a list of 14 reasons to kick your personal trainer to the fitness curb.

They stop showing interest in your goals – Personal training should be just that: personal. If the trainer is not giving you that added touch, you don’t need them. All the basics can be obtained online and in magazines. It’s that little extra bit of motivation and knowledge that makes them worth paying for.

You’re educating the personal trainer on things they should know – If you’re in better shape than your trainer or know more than they do about working out, it’s time to say goodbye.

They train other people during your sessions – How can they focus on you and your goals if they are training multiple people at the same time? Unless you are paying for a shared session, every minute of your time should be 100% dedicated to you.

They are always late – They are professionals, they should be there on time for your paid session! If you were late to the session you would likely have to reschedule the session to avoid disturbing their calendar. Make your time count just as much as theirs.

They are on their phone the whole time – They can’t be focused on training you if they’re taking selfies of their biceps. Remember, they are working for you. Unless it’s an emergency, all personal calls and photos should be tended to on their personal time.

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They don’t encourage you –They should be your motivator while you are working out. If they aren’t pushing you beyond your comfort zone or at least making you feel good about the milestones you’ve achieved, it’s time to go.

They make you exercise the same way they do – They should be gearing the exercises to meet your needs, not expecting you to be able to keep up with everything they do! The personal experience is all about tailoring to your needs and your needs only.

They do the same workout for extended periods of time – Your trainer should be mixing it up and having you try new things. If you’re not doing new moves at least once a week, it’s time to find a new trainer.

They don’t modify exercises that may be painful – As soon as you communicate with them that a certain exercise is hurting, they should have you stop and try it a new way or try something else. Whether it’s knee pain, shoulder pain or something else, pain and injury prevention is part of their job.

knee pain

Your personalities don’t fit – The whole point of your session is to learn new things about fitness, and that’s very hard to do when you’re concentrating on how much you hate them. While they aren’t there to be your best friend, you do need to feel comfortable talking to them.

They don’t return you phone calls or emails – It’s the whole professional thing again! Even if it’s not right away, they should be getting back to you within 24 hours.

They diagnose you with injuries or illness – Your trainer is certified to do a lot of things, but diagnosing you with an injury is not one of them. It’s fine to talk to them about any problems you may be having, but they should always refer you to a doctor.

They frequently cancel appointments – Everyone has emergencies, but if your trainer is canceling multiple sessions, it’s time to put your money elsewhere.

You are ready to go out on your own – If you have gotten everything you wanted out of your personal training sessions and feel it’s time to start working out on your own, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to your personal trainer!

The point of a trainer is to educate you on how to achieve your goals. Once you meet them, unless you’ve developed new goals, you should be good to go flying solo.

So if your personal trainer is falling short on your expectations, don’t keep holding on. Remember, you’re coming to them to do better… you can do bad all by yourself!