Most women will tell you that their lives changed when they entered motherhood. Having a child gives a woman the unique responsibility of raising them to become a well rounded person. Raising a girl in a society where media and stereotypes rule can be a challenge. You want your daughter to grow up proud, confident and intelligent, as well as kind hearted and gentle. There will be lots of things you’ll need to teach her so she can face the world on her own.

mother daughter

1. Be both polite and sassy. I think all women should strike a healthy balance between these two characteristics. Being polite is essential, but augmenting that skill with a little bit of sass will ensure you’re never taken advantage of, and may develop a wonderful sense of humor along the way.

2. Be yourself. There is nobody in the world quite like you, and that is a wonderful thing. If we can teach our daughters to love themselves and never try to be like someone else, then we as mums are doing a great job.

3. Compassion: I believe this is a skill that must be demonstrated to our children. Show them great compassion, and they will learn to share it with others.

4. Confidence: Confidence is key in this world. Teaching your daughter to stand tall and be proud is one of the best ways to assure she will lead a happy life.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail. No one likes to fail but it is important to understand that failing can build great character and light a fire within a person that may lead them to even greater things than they could have imagined in the first place.

6. Dream. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, and we couldn’t agree more. We must teach our girls to dream, dream big, and never stop dreaming. It’s our job to make them realize that they can achieve anything if only they can envision and want it.

7. Educate yourself: Only a small piece of education happens in the classroom, there is so much more beyond those walls. Let’s encourage our girls to explore beyond those barriers and seek learning in the people they meet, places they go, books they read, and adventures they embark upon.

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