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We all know that cutting calories is one of the simplest ways to lose weight. According to Center for Human Nutrition research director Holly Wyatt, MD, consuming just 100 fewer calories each day is enough to avert the one to two pounds the average person gains each year. To lose weight, however, you have to go a step further, she says, downsizing by 500 calories a day. Try the following foolproof calorie cutters without feeling totally deprived or becoming obsessed with calorie counting.


Trade in your Pop-Tart for a slice of whole wheat bread and jelly. Try our recipe for homemade skinny Pop-Tarts here.

Swap your whole eggs with egg whites or substitutes every once in a while to save some calories.

Try your coffee without the cream and sugar. If you must have both, opt for skim or almond milk with a little stevia.

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Leave the cheese off your sandwich. If you can’t do without, trade your cheddar cheese in for a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge.

Opt for mustard instead of mayo. Your waistline will thank you if you can forget the mayonnaise for good.

Ditch the bun and try wrapping your burger or other protein in iceberg or Romaine lettuce wraps. You’ll be surprised at how tasty the sandwich still is without all that extra bread.



Swap the soda with sparkling water. Add lemon or lime for a little extra kick. Your body will benefit in a lot more ways than just cutting calories.

Switch the bag of potato chips for a bag of pretzels. For an even better swap, try some of these baked veggie chips. They are easy to make and oh so delicious!

Love popcorn? Well, put down the buttery movie theater popcorn and try air popped popcorn instead. You can still have tasty toppings! Check out 6 Healthy Popcorn Toppings For Movie Munchies!



Pass on the cone. Eat your ice cream (or better yet, frozen yogurt) in a bowl.

Savor your brownie a la natural versus a la mode. If you haven’t tried Skinny Mom’s Skinny Fudge Brownies, you definitely need to!

Scrape the frosting off the birthday cake or split your slice with someone else.

healhty fudge brownies


Sip on a glass of water between drinks. This will also help keep you hydrated.

Trade your fruity cocktail for soda water and lime.

Ditch the sugary margarita for a skinny margarita! Our marg has a fifth of the calories of a regular margarita.