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Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean going broke or even spending any money at all. Having a personal trainer and a gym is nice, but are not necessary to achieve your fitness goals. Between YouTube, second hand stores, easy on the budget cardio options, and learning techniques like bodyweight training or plyometrics, you can get in the best shape of your life and still have spending cash for a fabulous new outfit to show off your new curves!

Go Back to School: Your local high school or college gym, that is. High schools and colleges or universities often offer low or no cost memberships to use their facilities. These settings also have tracks and bleachers that are fabulous, free options to get your sweat sesh in!


Group Training: Whether you’re looking to meet new friends or already have some people you love working out with, group training is a budget-friendly way to enjoy the tailored-to-you fitness routine from a personal trainer at the fraction of the cost of one-on-one training!


Groupon: Check out for fitness deals in your area, like 10 yoga classes for the price of 5, or 1 month free gym memberships. This is a great way to try out new fitness styles like hot yoga, booty barre, kick boxing, etc.

Get Creative with Your Cardio: Cardio is anything that gets your heart rate up. If you’re not a runner, there are still plenty of cheap or even free ways to get your cardio in daily. From kettlebell swings to at-home High Intensity Interval Training workouts and plyometric routines, your heart will be racing in no time.


Be Your Own Bowflex: Plyometrics or body weight training is not only becoming hugely popular, but is also easy to do at home and is completely free. All you need is, well, YOU! Check out Skinny Mom’s article on Body Weight Training Here!

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Eating well doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with your food budget. Clean eating allows you to make the foods you love with healthy ingredients, while avoiding expensive meal plans and diets. Avoid processed foods by sticking to fruits, vegetables, whole grains like rolled oats, barley and quinoa, low-fat dairy and lean meats. Check out blogs like The Gracious Pantry for recipes and meal ideas for eating clean. (photo credit)



Get Up and Move! Sometimes the simplest things are the best options! Get up and move more throughout your day. Rather than wait to get moving at a gym class or on the treadmill, simply add more activity to your day. Park as far away from the office or grocery store as you can, avoid elevators and escalators, and if  your destination is less than a mile away, walk to it if possible! There are a myriad of free pedometer apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones to track your mileage and calorie burn.

Consider Teaching: Do you love Pilates or can’t get enough Spin classes in? Rather than pay someone else to teach you, look into becoming an instructor. Investing in becoming a certified teacher for your favorite fitness class will not only allow you to work out effectively for free in the future, but may even allow you to get paid to stay fit! Love that!


Pinterest: Although planning your dream home and ultimate birthday bash are fantastic ways to spend your time on Pinterest, consider instead creating an at-home fitness routine via pinned workouts to customize a completely free at home fitness routine. Skinny Mom has a ton of great workouts on Pinterest. Check them out here!

Get Out and Play! Join a soccer team, volleyball team or even a kick ball league in your area for a fun way to get moving! As an added bonus you can meet others in your area and have fun working out.


Freecycle: Check out for what items are free in your area. You can find lots of free items for your at-home gym, from weights to elliptical trainers.

Free Training: Check out YouTube’s fitness channels for free workout routines from certified personal trainers, Pilates instructors and more! Many like Cassey Ho’s Blogilates are completely free and designed to be done at home, with limited space, and little to no equipment needed. Click here for Skinny Mom’s YouTube channel!


The Library: Buying fitness DVDs can be an expensive proposition. Make sure you’re getting what you want by checking out fitness DVDs at your local library to try before you buy. To make it completely free, simply try a new fitness DVD each time you have to return the one you have!

Don’t let your paycheck hold you back from getting in shape. With so many options, there’s sure to be one you can implement today!