One thing about me that is a given is I LOVE LOVE LOVE photos. My sister will attest to that. (Goodness, I refer to her a lot… I think I miss her, yup, I do.) I love taking photos, being in photos, looking at photos… you name it! I was blessed to meet a friend a couple years ago that is a photographer. Not your normal point and shoot photographer, a REAL, TALENTED, CREATIVE, photog who was so passionate about her work, that it reignited my love for the art.

Family Photo Time: Tears, shouting, weird faces, clothing options, convincing your hubby to come, getting everyone in one place, smile at the same time, monitoring the, “He touched me!”, “The baby just bit me!”, “I want to sit by daddy!”, wondering where the baby’s shoe went, hoping your son doesn’t turn into a dinosaur all of a sudden (or a tractor… he switches between the two)… These are the things that snowball through MY mind when it comes time for family photos, and it is that time again. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to help you and your photographer capture those precious times that go by oh so quickly:

  1. Wear basics. Prints can distract from the main image, aka YOU. However basic prints, stripes, polka dots in the same color genre are totally helpful and fun!
  2. Lay out your outfit choices beforehand to make sure they align and flow together!
  3. Plan it sooner vs later.
  4. Bring some personal props/toys to keep children occupied that you wouldn’t mind in your photo.
  5. Forget the studio; take it outdoors!
  6. Kids making weird faces, it’s OKAY! Those make some of the best memories!
  7. Reflect your family! We are country folk at heart, you will rarely find us in a “city-type setting”, although maybe for variety one day we will give it a shot.
  8. Ask around to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with, get recommendations, look at work they’ve already done!
  9. Take some time to look at photos that you like, don’t try to copy the EXACT same thing, but bring elements that you liked into it.
  10. E-mail your photographer beforehand of photos that appealed to you, so you are on the same page of the “look” you are going for.
  11. Accept the fact that your children may not be on their BEST behavior, embrace the situation.
  12. HAVE FUN!
  13. Also, if the photographer has a webpage, fb page, etc. and you are pleased with their work, remember this is their career. Write a testimonial, review or recommendation!!! With your help, they will continue to be able to produce memories for your family and others!!!