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If you love to Zumba but have had about enough of hearing the instructors talk about steps and form, then it may be time to create your own Zumba playlist! We’ve got 13 of the hottest songs to get your salsa started, and all you have to do is click and download.

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) – Shakira: She’s sexy, she’s hot and her hips do not lie about working it out. This little mix will get you warmed up and on your way.

Shakira waka waka albumn

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On the Floor (featuring Pitbull) – Jennifer Lopez: Want a booty like J-lo’s? You better crank out some cumbia. With the added flavor of Pitbull in this sassy mix, you’ll be working it out in no time.

jennifer lopez on the floor

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Pause (Zumba Mix) – Pitbull: That’s right, it’s Pitbull again. Let’s be honest, his sexy accent, (and even sexier songs) just make you want to dance.
Pitbull Pause Zumba Mix iTunes Plus

Music Ya

Caipirinha – Zumba Fitness: If you’re familiar with Zumba already than you’ve likely heard this song before. The drum beats on this one are the perfect compliment to your salsa.
Caiprrinha Zumba


Zumba (Ricky Remix) – Red Hardin: If the beat fits, play it! Yet another arrangement remixed for the perfect amount of Zumba energy!
Zumba Ricky Remix

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Ice Ice Baby (Zumba Remix) – Zumba Fitness & Vanilla Ice: Laugh all you want, but you know you already have the original version on your iPhone. With this mix, you’ll be channeling your inner hip-hop before you know it… “Word to your mother”!
Vanilla Ice

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Zumba (featuring Kat) – Don Tony: Need a vacation but no money for the ticket? Combine this little number with a sexy samba to feel like you’re rockin’ out somewhere exotic.
Zumba Don Tony

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Merehop – Merengue – Zumba Fitness: Have you been looking for a song to help you tighten up that meringue? Problem solved. You’re welcome.
Merehop Zumba


Dance or Cry – Funk Junction, Peter Presta & The Club Punks: Looking for a unique beat that you won’t find anywhere else? This amazing remix puts the funky back into your Zumba!
Dance or Cry

Gangnan Style – Gamgam Dance DJ: Oh, you thought we were done with this song? Nope! Just another example of how a remix can truly bring a tune back to life.
Gangnam Style Album


La Bomba (Remix) – Ricky Martin: It’s Ricky Martin… do we need to say more? Now pick that jaw up off of the floor and download.
ricky martin la bomba

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Objection (Tango) – Shakira: Treat yourself to a tantalizing tango backed by the sensual vocals of Shakira.
shakira objection tango


Sweet Girl – Zumba Fitness: “Sweet” may be in the title of this Zumba favorite, but the nasty beats this remix is rocking’ will get you ready to reggaeton.
zumba fitness Sweet Girl

Zumba Fitness Ft Meyer

So add a little flavor to your workout with this Zumba-licious playlist. Even if you don’t Zumba, we promise that these beats will get you off your butt and wiggling wildly!