Can I confess something?  Chill out, it’s nothing bad.  My big confession is that I love infomercials.  Yup, for reals, I cannot get enough of them.  It’s amazing how quickly I get sucked into them.  Late at night, when I wake up in the morning, on the treadmill at the gym, when I try to take my afternoon weekend nap, there is no wrong time to watch an infomercial.  I think my favorite part of any infomercial is when a skilled actor demonstrates how difficult a common every day task like draining pasta really is.  I mean so many things can go wrong, I had no idea it was such a complicated process until I saw the infomercial for the pasta express, thank goodness for TV!  And its not just kitchen gadgets, clothes are hard too!  Have you seen the infomercial for the genie bra?  Of course you have!  I didn’t know bras were so much work, and I wear one at least 3 days a week.  Inspired by my love of fashion and infomercials, I decided to do a little research and see just what’s available out there to add to my wardrobe, maybe you already have a few of these key pieces.

So fess up, how many items on my list do you have?  No shame, no judgment from the broad who wants pajama jeans for her birthday!  Or maybe my list is missing something?  Let me know your favorite As Seen on TV fashions in the comments!