Are you ready to push your normal exercise routine to the next level, break through plateaus, and crush your next workout? You can do this without spending hours at the gym. Follow these tips in order to make the most out of your fitness routine!

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Shorten It Up. Research shows that short, intense workouts offer the best results. For a killer workout pace, try allowing just 60 seconds of rest between sets during your weight workouts to add a cardiovascular element to the routine. This increases fat burning while packing on lean muscle.


Interval Training. Combining strength training and cardio into “supersets” by adding cardio intervals (such as jumping rope or 20-second sprints) between sets will rev up your metabolism while still allowing for added strength gains.

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Static Holds. Contracting your muscles and holding them in a flexed position (also known as isometric holds) provides strength and endurance benefits that can’t be achieved through movement. Test it out with a plank or a stability ball wall squat. Check out 6 Plank Modifications to See More Results!


Skip the Machines. Exercise machines might make resistance training more user-friendly, but lifting with free weights will incorporate more stabilizing muscles and burns more calories than their weight machine counterparts.


Get Your Balance On. Exercises that require balance recruit more muscles than exercises done in a stable position, especially in your core. Try adding a BOSU or stability ball to your workout for an extra balance challenge. For great stability ball exercises, read 8 Body-Sculpting Ways to Use Your Stability Ball.


Get Explosive. Research shows that “explosive movements” such as box jumps, kettlebell swings, and plyometric push-ups can achieve a greater response from fast-twitch muscles, which allows for a greater potential growth. Don’t believe us? Give this Killer Kettlebell Circuit a try a few times a week and we’re sure you’ll see results.


Go Heavy or Go Home! A recent study showed that exercisers who lifted heavy weights for 8 reps burned double the calories than those lifting lighter weights for 15 reps.

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Write It Down. Using a workout journal provides motivation to do more than you did last time, as well as documenting everything you ate and how you exercised. If you run into a plateau, you can reference your journal to find what needs to be changed to see results again. This tool provides endless support and motivation!

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Post Your Workout. Ever wonder why you see so many people posting their workouts on social media? Research shows that social support gained through sharing health and fitness goals increases the likelihood of those goals being achieved. Posting on social media outlets enlists hundreds, if not thousands, of instant accountability partners. So go ahead and brag about that killer workout you just finished on our Skinny Mom Facebook page or on your Twitter in order to keep yourself accountable and motivate others!


One Side At a Time. Exercises that force each arm or leg to work independently (such as single-arm push-ups or one-legged squats) will help balance muscular development and equalize strength.

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Fail to Succeed. Failure occurs when a muscle is so spent that it can’t complete one more repetition of an exercise. The muscle will actually “fail” to contract any more. Research suggests that ‘training to failure’ can increase strength and improve the body’s ability to build lean muscle. One way to reach failure is through super slow movements. Slowing down the tempo of each rep causes greater muscle contractions and has been shown to increase strength gains.


Bring a Friend. People who have an exercise partner are more likely to get active and stay active than those doing it on their own. Having a workout buddy increases the accountability factor and provides motivation to work harder!