summer fun
Switch up your workout routine this summer and make your own creative bucket list! Set fitness goals for your summer workouts and try to meet them in fun, summer-friendly ways! This is a great way to have fun and have a successful workout, and you can personalize it to your own life and preferences! Get a group of friends and make bucket lists together! I’ve included some possibilities that may or may not apply to your own list! However, no matter what your list consists of, there’s no limit to what you can achieve if you work hard enough to get it! Enjoy! (photo credit here)

1. Challenge Your Inner Runner: If you’re currently running a mile a day, make it your goal to reach three or four by the end of summer! You’ll feel so great when you finally do, and the journey there will give you the fit body you’re craving! If running isn’t your thing, personalize this to your favorite workout routine, or challenge yourself and make it your goal to become a lover or running! (photo credit here)

2. Become A Marathon Momma: Summer is plagued by marathons of all sorts, and a great addition to your bucket list could be completing a marathon of your choice! With all sorts of options, you’re sure to find one that interests you and highlights your strengths! Something like a triathlon could be a great challenge for anyone but any of these will be a super fun goal to reach!

woman boxing
3. Learn A New Sport: Challenge yourself this summer and learn something new! Find a sport you would be interested in learning and sign up for classes! Tennis, golf, or even kickboxing could be a great new hobby you may love, and a workout you definitely will! (photo credit here)

4. Biking: I LOVE to bike, and you could make it a summer bucket list goal to ride yours to a certain destination or for a certain amount of miles! This is great for summer because your kids will surely want to tag along, but it’s also great because you can gradually challenge yourself further with more difficult trails, trips, or even a cycling marathon!

Young Woman Exercising on a Rowing Machine
5. Increase Your Workouts: Set a goal for yourself with your workouts, and spend the summer reaching that goal! (photo credit here)

6. Get Your Zen On: Make it a summer goal to try yoga, Pilates, or another relaxing workout you haven’t experienced! There are so many options, some you probably haven’t even heard of, and your nearest gym can probably offer you classes you’ll end up loving! You’ll enjoy the workout, and you’ll be able to say you’ve tried something new!

7. Get a Little Extreme: Extreme sports like white water rafting, mountain biking, trapezing, or skydiving may seem…well…extreme, but that’s exactly why trying one should be on YOUR summer bucket list! Try something exhilarating and new! You WON’T regret it! (photo credit here)

8. Rock Climbing Adventure: Rock climbing would be a great summer bucket list item because it can be an adventure for beginners to experts! Start out small and make a more challenging climb your end-of-summer goal!


9. Teach A Zumba Class: For all of you Zumba-lovers, teaching a class is the perfect addition to your summer bucket list! Teaching a class will challenge you in different ways than taking a class, and encouraging people in doing something that you love too will be an amazing feeling! If you’ve never tried Zumba, add take a class to your summer bucket list instead! (photo credit here)

10. Try A Popular Workout Program: Trying something like CrossFit or Barre would be a great addition to any fitness bucket list!

11. Just Keep Swimming: Challenge yourself this summer and work on becoming an actual swimmer! I don’t mean laying out by the pool, or relaxing in the shallow end, although those both sound divine…I mean swimming laps, building your endurance, and getting a full-body workout! Don’t underestimate the difficulty of swimming like a pro! (photo credit here)

12. For your final challenge, add something personal to your bucket list: Choose something personal to you, not fitness or weight loss related, and make it your summer goal to achieve it. Write it down, tuck it away somewhere, and at the end of the summer, reevaluate and hopefully you’ll be proud of the results! Wellness isn’t skin-deep, and neither is happiness!