For numerous reasons we Mamas find ourselves missing sleep. Whether it is because of sick babies, homework that must be accomplished tonight, housework, bills, stress, or whatever, we tend to be the ones who go without sleep the most often. Aside from the obvious occasional feelings of sleepiness and yawning, what are the  signs that we need more sleep than what we are currently getting? Check out this list and see if it sounds like you:

1 – Are you feeling more stressed than usual? This is not your typical every day stress, this is screaming at the traffic light to change when you have never been one to rage on the road.

2 – Are you getting all your meals and snacks in a day? If you feel either hungry all the time or not hungry at all, then it is a possible sign that you are not getting enough Zzzzz’s. This is because when your body is sleep deprived, it stops working like the well oiled machine it is and part of that is a fluctuating internal clock. Lack of sleep is one of the top reasons people gain weight!

3 – Can’t remember whether you worked out today or not? People who do not get enough sleep are known to have troubles remembering things, whether it is to pay that phone bill or what they had for dinner last night!

4 – Multitasking to the extreme? Not getting enough sleep can make it hard to concentrate, so take a  deep breath… you don’t have adult onset A.D.D., you just need more time looking at the backs of your eyelids!

5 – Fuzzy sight? Back to this well oiled machine that your body is, when it isn’t taken care of it doesn’t work right. And this can manifest in blurry or fuzzy vision, dry or red rimmed eyes.

6 – Seeing what isn’t there? Along with blurry vision, you may actually start seeing things that aren’t there and no you are not going crazy. This happens when our neurons are sleep deprived enough that they cannot accurately perceive the world around you. This as well as the fuzzy sight is one of the major reasons people get into car accidents when they haven’t slept enough.

7 – Bad decision making? Because of lacking sleep, your brain has not had the time to rest and reorganize, and because of this is on overdrive. Harmful choices are typically made in this realm of sleeplessness that can encompass everything from excessive harmful gambling or unsafe sex.

8 – Feeling a little sick? Yup, this is another sign of  not getting enough sleep especially if you are not a person who usually gets sick.

9 – Slipping on that pesky banana peel? Ok, so that may be a little extreme, but maybe you can’t thread a needle as easily as you usually do. Or have to keep hitting backspace while typing ? Either way, without enough sleep our fine motor skills are negatively affected.

10 – Sleeping alone? While the occasional night in the doghouse may not be that out of the ordinary, sleeping in a separate bed in hopes of getting sleep can have an adverse affects on your relationship.

11 – Not feeling in the mood? If you typically enjoy a healthy sex life and now you are not in the mood anymore, then there is a very good chance you need more sleep.

12 – Mood swings much? If you are typically a person who has very little changes in mood and suddenly you start having extreme mood swings, maybe you need more sleep. In fact, lack of sleep increases a persons likelihood of having feelings of depression and even less empathy.

These are the typical signs that you are in need of more sleep, beyond the yawn. Now put on your favorite PJ’s and slide in between your best sheets and catch up on those precious Zzzzzz’s!

Photo Credit: http://www.thirdage.com/image/woman-tired