Have you ever had that busted-can-of-biscuits feeling? You know the feeling I’m talking about. Where your pants are just a little more snug than they were the day before, and you feel like at any moment the button might pop off and blind the guy in front of you. It’s not a good feeling, but there’s a way to prevent it! Give your digestive system a boost by eating some of these fiber-loaded foods:


Beans: Really, take your pick on what kind of  beans, because most are pretty high in fiber, but navy beans pack a punch with 19 g of fiber per cup!

Bulgar: This grain that packs the biggest fiber punch contains 8 g per cup.

figs copy

Figs: So sweet you’d think it was dessert, figs contain 14 g of fiber per cup.

Prunes: Packed with antioxidants and available anytime of year, prunes contain 12 g of fiber per cup.


Broccoli: With so many benefits I can’t even list them all, broccoli contains 5 g of fiber per cup.

Artichokes: Did you know artichokes are considered aphrodisiacs? They bring your sexy back with 10 g of fiber per artichoke.


Oatmeal: A favorite in my house, oatmeal contains a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber to both lower cholesterol and promote healthy digestion.


Pears and Apples: Talk about an on-the-go fiber boost! Pears and apples usually range between 4-6 g of fiber per medium-size fruit.

Raspberries: With a long list of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, raspberries also contain about 1/3 of your daily requirements for fiber per cup.

quinoadish copy

Quinoa: Another fiber-loaded grain (5 g per cup) that is great for adding to your favorite recipes.

Whole wheat breads and pastas: Looking for an easy way to sneak in some extra fiber? Switch your white breads and pastas out for whole wheat equivalents.

airpoppedpopcorn copy

Popcorn: Who’s feeling a movie night in their fat pants? Have some popcorn (3.5 g per 3 cups) and turn the fat pants into skinny pants!