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When you are trying to lose weight (or keep the weight from coming back), you will probably try to cut back on calories. However, if you are constantly reading labels and adding calories in your head all day, it’s time to bring your dieting into the 21st century!

Gone are the days of carrying around a journal to log everything you eat in a day, there are plenty of apps that can do that for you! We have rounded up 12 of our favorite apps for counting calories, so feast your eyes below, and then get to logging!

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal: If you’re looking for an app with a long list of credentials, this is the one for you! It has been featured in the NY Times and Shape Magazine, and was voted Wired Magazine’s “Editor’s Pick for Lifestyle Apps”.

My fitness pal

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Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter: You should always set a budget, and we don’t just mean your finances! This app allows you to set a “budget” of how many calories you need to stay within each day, while also setting exercise “targets”. This free app is comprehensive and can cater to all aspects of your healthy lifestyle.

lose it app

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Weight Watchers Mobile:  This popular weight loss program has gone mobile! Download the free app to easily track your diet and exercise, browse fitness content, and even find the closest Weight Watchers meeting.

weight watchers

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FitBit: Dieting and a healthy lifestyle is more than just counting calories, and this app understands that. Not only can you record the food you eat, but you can also keep track of your daily activity, including steps taken and calories burned. This free app even goes a few steps further and allows you to log other vital aspects of your health such as, how much sleep you get each night and the amount of water you’re drinking.

fit bit

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Fooducate – Healthy Weight Loss, Diet Tracker & Food Scanner: You are what you eat, so shouldn’t you be aware of exactly what you’re eating? This app allows you to do just that by scanning barcodes to determine what has gone into the product. It is also important to remember that when counting calories, quality is just as important as quantity. This free app analyzes and tracks the quality of what you are taking in.


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MyPlate Calorie Tracker LITE by LIVESTRONG.COM: So you are tracking how many calories you consume, but are you tracking how many calories you’re burning? You should be, and this free app helps you do so. There is also a large database of restaurant items, so you don’t have to skip dining out.

my plate

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Jillian Michaels Slim-Down: Weight Loss, Diet, & Exercise Solution: We know that Jillian Michaels means business, and you can expect her free app to be just as motivating and inclusive. You can count and track your calories as well as view content from Jillian including recipes, workouts, and tips.

jillian michaels

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Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Calorie Count: When we said you no longer had to write down all of the food you eat each day, we meant it! This free app has a “logging-by-voice” feature, meaning you can tell the app what you ate and it will record it for you. Pretty cool, huh?

calorie counter

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Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary: If you’re anything like us, you tend to eat the same foods often. This free app is perfect for those who choose the familiar food path, because it remembers those foods for even easier tracking!

my net diary

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ShopWell – Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner: Healthy eating often starts at the grocery store, so be sure to download this free app. You can use the scanner on barcodes at home and the grocery store, and it will teach you which foods match your dietary needs, help you to avoid bad ingredients and allergens and count calories. Bringing along a healthy grocery list makes shopping much easier, and this app will help even more. Not convinced yet? This free app also allows you to send feedback to companies and receive rewards.

shop well

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My Diet Coach – Weight Loss for Women: Sometimes it can be hard to stick to a diet and calorie counting regimen, thats where My Diet Coach comes in! You’ll be able to count calories with this free app, but you will also have a motivational coach right in your pocket. Set up reminders for yourself, save inspirational photos and view inspirational tips to keep you going in any dieting situation.

my diet coach

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Fast Food Calories: We all get busy, and sometimes our hectic days leave little time for preparing meals. This free app contains nutrition information from just about any restaurant you can think of, and it allows you to track your calories and what you eat every day for up to a year. It’s completely possible to have fast food meals for under 500 calories from your favorite restaurants including McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell.

fast food calories

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When leading an active and healthy lifestyle, it’s important to stay organized and motivated. Thanks to these amazing apps, staying on task is easier than ever! Whether you need an app for counting calories, an app for running, or even keeping your children entertained on long trips, you are sure to find the perfect one. If you haven’t already done so, download the Skinny Mom app for daily motivation, workouts, recipes and more!