There is no question that delicious eggs, in moderation, are extremely good for you. Packed with nutrients and protein, eggs offer a nutritious way to begin or end your day. They’re very filling, and for those busy days at work or running errands, moms need that!  With all of the different ways you can prepare them, they’re tough to get sick of.  So if you’re bored with your usual poached, scrambled or sunny-side up varieties, here are a few suggestions that will get you excited to eat your eggs!

Huevos Rancheros with Avocado Salsa Verde:  This is a great Mexican dish that is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This dish is bursting with delicious flavors and will definitely take your taste buds for a wild ride!


Skinny Breakfast Nachos:  These breakfast nachos are absolutely amazing! So tasty and delicious, you will never regret making these in the morning!


Skinny Quiche:  Breakfast for dinner is always a great way to not only mix up your meals, but your eggs too!  The Skinny Crustless Quiche is a family favorite go-to breakfast-for-dinners recipe when it’s time to mix things up at the house!


Deviled Eggs:  These eggs are always a fan favorite at holiday parties, and they seem to always be the first to go during big family dinners!  Well now you may have to double-up on the eggs this year with this fabulous and healthier spin on the classic deviled eggs!


Kale and Tomato Eggs Benedict: The fresh tomato and kale in this dish make the color so beautiful. And instead of using hollandaise sauce, try this healthier replacement light mustard-mayo sauce for that extra kick!

FN_FN Kitchens Kale and Tomato Eggs Benedict.tif

Clean Eating Egg White Veggie Breakfast Muffins: These delicious, low-carb treats are perfect for any day of the week. They’re easy to make and are a super fab option for busy mornings when you need to grab something quick (but nutritious) and run out the door! Another bonus? They’re carb- and gluten-free!


Skinny Avocado Egg Scramble:  For the times when you’re pressed for time and need to whip something up quick, this dish (only taking 10 minutes to prep and cook) keeps you full and will keep your cravings at bay during that pesky mid-morning time.


Breakfast Burrito:  These burritos are to die for!  Filled with tomatoes, avocados, black beans, and reduced-fat sour cream, it will give all your other breakfast burritos a run for their money.


Skinny Pepper + Onion Frittata: This recipe provides a great way to use leftovers, a quick and easy weeknight dinner, and a delicious compilation of your favorite veggies.


Eggy, Crispy Polenta with Tomatoes and Mushrooms: This may take a little more effort, but yum! Add some crisp to your eggs with the simple addition of polenta, and you’ll be certain to impress your brunch guests.


Meringues: This post wouldn’t be complete without sharing the sweet little goodness that you can create with your eggs – meringues! Enjoy this recipe in case you want to turn your eggs into a low-cal sweet treat!