Looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life? Whether he’s a fitness buff or considers walking the dog a workout, the latest high tech fitness gadgets are sure to get his heart rate up. With a myriad of devices promising to improve stamina, calorie burn, workout routine, and even overall health, there’s something for everyone and every budget. With so many options, buying the right one for your man can be a daunting task. We’ve taken the guess work out by compiling a list of the hottest gadgets on the market as chosen by Popular Mechanics, Digital Trends, and The Active Times and categorized them by lifestyle and fitness level. Find the right one for him and give him a gift that will keep him healthy for years to come!

No Time For the Gym? No Problem.

Is your man looking to be more active but just doesn’t have the time? If his busy life is getting in the way of regular workouts, getting more activity throughout the day may be the answer. These high tech pedometers go beyond counting steps to tracking your every move and calculating your overall calorie burn throughout the day. Help him make the most of his 24 hours as he watches the calories melt away with a few more flights of stairs and longer walks from the car to the store or office.

1. Striiv Smart Pedometer ($100-150): He can track his  movement and calorie burning with this easy all in one pedometer, and help his favorite charities at the same time. All he  has to do is walk! Striiv’s corporate sponsors  donate to various charities on your behalf based on your walking distance. Striiv keeps it fresh with games and fitness goals for him to reach and he’ll find even more motivation to go the extra mile knowing each step is helping to fund important causes. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.


2. Nike+ FuelBand ($150-300): Help him make sure he’s getting enough activity in throughout the day to meet his fitness and weight loss goals. The Nike+ FuelBand goes beyond a typical pedometer by tracking each and every move he makes, from walking to climbing stairs, and even dancing at the club, all while calculating how many calories he’s burned and comparing it to his daily goal. The band goes from red to yellow to green as he gets closer to and then reaches his daily calorie burning and activity goals. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.


For The Healthy Living Enthusiast

If your man is always looking for ways to further improve his overall health, from his fitness routine to diet and sleep habits, check out some of these fitness bands and a wifi scale that go beyond tracking calorie burn as they read all sorts of biometrics and analyze the data to get him on the right track for his optimal health.

3. The FitBit One ($89-$100): This device looks at every aspect of his life, from the intensity of his workout routine and how active he is throughout the day, to how he is sleeping at night. It tracks the data, analyzes it, and comes up with a personal fitness routine and schedule, complete with challenges and prizes to earn. He can sync his stats to his smartphone and computer, chart his progress, and even train alongside his friends. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.


4. UP by Jawbone ($129.99): Help him take a more holistic approach to his health as he tracks his movement, fitness and sleep with this wrist band. Entering data like his mood and eating habits on his smartphone allows UP to give insights into his health to keep him moving forward toward his ultimate goal. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.



5. Fitbit’s Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale ($130): This scale takes weight tracking to the next level by measuring his weight, body fat percentage and BMI, and then wirelessly syncing his stats with an online graph and mobile tools to help keep him motivated and on track. He can Earn badges and prizes as he gets closer to his weight loss goals! Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.


6. Basis Fitness Watch ($199): Help him take his health to the next level by tracking not only movement and calorie burn, but also heart rate patterns, perspiration and skin temperature readings. Worn day and night, he can see what activities are burning the most calories, when his down time is, and how he’s sleeping. It syncs with a smartphone to track patterns and improve overall health and fitness. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.



 For The Athlete

For the man who is all about improving his training and performance check out these fitness trackers and monitors that measure everything from heart rate and distance to recovery time, and can even make a customized playlist based on what music gets him moving.

7. Adidas Micoach Pacer Bundle ($140): A runner’s dream, this bundle includes a Pacer, Heart Rate Monitor, Stride Sensor and Textile strap, all designed to give real time digital coaching, interactive training and a post-workout analysis of pace, distance and stride rates. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.


8. Motorola MotoACTV ($150): The world’s first GPS Fitness Tracker along with a Heart Rate Monitor, Smart MP3 Player and Wireless Music. The MotoACTV tracks workout data like time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate on over 40 activities including running, golf, and cycling. The Smart MP3 player “learns” which songs motivate him the best and plays songs with similar qualities to keep the workout going. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.

9. Valencell PerformTek Earbud ($199): The earbud of all earbuds, the PerformTek will let him listen to his favorite tunes while tracking his heart rate, speed, distance, and even recovery time. He’ll receive audio feedback of his biometrics while he trains. Sync the device with a smartphone to track and chart data. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here.



For The Gamer

Got a gamer who could use some more activity in his life? If he’s got an Xbox 360 he can use what is touted to be the best at home fitness gaming system, Microsoft’s Kinect and their top rated workouts. With Xbox Live he can even work out with other Xbox users.

10. Microsoft’s Kinect ($110): For Xbox 360, Kinect is unlike other fitness gaming systems because your body is the controller. It will track his every move while calculating his activity level, and will develop a personalized program that will evolve with his fitness level. Click here to buy. Photo Credit here


11. Nike+ Kinect Training ($50): Kick his Kinect workout up a notch with Nike+. It measures progress including strength, endurance and overall fitness, all while giving feedback and motivation from a virtual trainer. Make it a group session by woking out with friends on Xbox live! Click here to buy. Photo Credit here


There are a lot of options to choose from, but hopefully this list will help you make the right choice this Father’s Day for a gift he’s sure to love!