As moms of sons, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with unique ways to share one-on-one time together. And every once in a while we just want to shed the costume of responsibility and rule-enforcer to have some unbridled FUN! Here are 11 ways to share some time with your special guy.

  1. Puddle Stomping. The next time there is a rainy day, head out. Your son will never forget the day you threw caution and clean clothes to the wind and stomped in puddles of rain water with him.
  2. Fire Station Tour. This is one of the coolest, because the firemen and women are so thrilled to have interested visitors. The smiles on everyone’s faces is priceless.
  3. Coffee. That’s right. They make it in decaf, or there’s hot chocolate. But the coffee house is one of the most well-known grown-up haunts, and relaxing there with your sweet boy will make an impression.
  4. Baseball Game. Your son won’t care that it’s the high school’s game! You can see some great athletes develop their skills and the fact that the players are close to his age won’t hurt the appeal either.
  5. Ice cream in the park. I don’t mean for you to sit there while he plays. Enjoy your ice cream but then get in there and swing WITH him. Go down the slide with him. Swing on a monkey bar. DO IT!
  6. Star gazing. On a clear weekend night look for an open space and lie on a blanket. It doesn’t matter if you know the constellations or not, because if you happen upon a shooting star, the “date” will be a HUGE success!
  7. Skip rocks. A lake or slow spot on a riverbed is all you need here. And again, you don’t even have to be good at it! Throwing rocks is something almost every boy ever born has loved doing.
  8. Scavenger hunt. This isn’t one with a predetermined list of things to find. Grab a camera, a bag, and maybe a journal. Scavenge for anything nature has to offer. Little boys the world over love finding random pieces of string and buttons.
  9. Bowling. Bowling might actually be fancy talk for indoor rock throwing! And knocking things over…for points! This is great for a rainy day or when it’s too hot outside for comfortable fun.
  10. Water fights. Water guns, balloons or just a hose. Having a water fight is another chance to let loose and be a carefree kind of mom with him.
  11. Be yourself. Every day find time to show your son your true self. We forget that we’re guiding these boys into men. Striving for “perfection” isn’t really showing our sons what it means to be a real person…and you’re fantastic, so share a joke or be silly with him. He’ll feel closer to you when he knows that you’ve shared your authentic self with him and he’ll cherish the moments when he got to be your Number One.