Downtime is a luxury I am not very well accustomed to lately with a nine week old and 1 ½ year old. From personal experience, I’ve found downtime can either be very productive and healthy or it can become a black hole of wasteful time not to be recovered. With that in mind, I make a daily, deliberate decision to use my downtime in a productive manner and it truly sets the tone for a happy, full day!

Here are 11 healthy ways I like to fill downtime:

  1. Take a walk. Whether alone or with a friend, this is not only good for your body but also for your mind and soul to have quiet time to think and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.
  2. Join an exercise class. Learn something new – yoga, Pilates, and boot camps are all fun ways to expand your fitness world.
  3. Find a new recipe to try. Cooking or baking are both great ways to pass time and have added value to the people in your life who get to enjoy the fruits of your downtime!
  4. Clean out or organize closets in your house. Donate clothes, shoes or items you no longer use to charity!
  5. Download and organize your photos. In our digital age, its so easy to snap shots but not as simple to organize and save photos. Snapfish is a great way to collect and organize your shots into albums. (They make great gifts for family too!)
  6. Read a book or magazine. Reading expands your mind, sharpens your vocabulary and puts your imagination to practice.
  7. Start shopping for a holiday or birthdays early. With enough advanced notice and time to scour the Internet for sales, you can save money on almost any item.
  8. Start a journal. We are all moving so quickly through life, its nice to jot down daily thoughts to remember in the years to come.
  9. Volunteer. Find a charity or cause close to your heart and give back by donating your downtime.
  10. Take a relaxing bath. Light a few candles and turn on a soothing playlist for a little mommy time!
  11. Watch a movie or catch up on DVR television shows. Perfect during awards season; its great fun to watch all the best picture movie nominees and weigh in on Oscar night!

How do you fill your downtime?

Photo Credit: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/814505/monday-mom-challenge-consider-your-political-tone-1