Taking time out of our busy day for our health often seems like a chore or an after thought once the other 100 daily tasks have been tended to. Well, are you ready for some good news? What if there were guilty pleasures or even some luxuries that were deemed healthy?  Our friends at You Beauty collected 11 guilty pleasures that will keep you healthy in 2014, and we had to share them with you because who doesn’t love good news?!

1. Have more sex. Sex increases blood flow, which gives you a glowing complexion, brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin to fight wrinkles, feeds your hair for thick, healthy hair, and relieves stress for hours (or even days!) at a time. As far as your arteries are concerned, sex is as good as a Zumba class, decreasing your chances of heart disease, cancer and depression. Women with an average sex life are 2 to 8 RealAge years younger.

couple in bed

2. Have a drink each night. One glass of wine or a low to no-sugar cocktail each night increases your chances of living into old age without cancer or lung or heart disease. Keeping it to one alcoholic drink daily is heart healthy, increasing good cholesterol (HDL) by about 12 percent. This moderate alcohol intake also reduces blood clotting—by thinning the blood and dampening proteins that promote blood clots. Bonus: One study found that women who drink a glass of wine daily are thinner.

husband and wife having a glass of red wine

3. Take long walks. Besides helping you get to that ever-distant 10,000 steps a day, long walks give you something just as beneficial: time to yourself. Separating your body from the stressors of daily life gives you a chance to appreciate the world around you and take a break from tension. Do yourself a favor and leave the iPod at home. Mindfully take in your surroundings—the scenery, the smell of the air, the feel of wind on your skin—to reap the fullest mind-body benefits.

woman enjoying walk alone on the beach

4. Make a weekly date night or friend night. Maintaining close relationships is a key to health and happiness. Your friends and family provide understanding and support that you can’t get anywhere else. Your wellbeing is important, so prioritize relationships and make time to see (or call) your closest compatriots. And if you’re married or in a serious relationship, it’s especially important (and fun) to carve out time for togetherness to reinforce your bond.

group of friends having coffee

5. Eat dark chocolate for dessert. If you’re going to have dessert, why not have something delicious that is also doing you a lot of favors? Dark chocolate—that is, with at least 70 percent cocoa and no added sugar and no (zero) milk fat—is a huge beauty boon. It supports circulation, which is good for skin and hair (and your heart, of course!). It’s also full of antioxidant flavanols that fight sun damage and wrinkles, and research shows that women who eat a little chocolate five times a week have lower BMIs.

dark chocolate bar and shavings


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