Summer is wonderful for so many reasons, but the abundance of delicious, seasonal fruit is perhaps one of the best! Not only is fruit a healthy treat, there are also so many different ways you can prepare it! While we admit that fruit is delicious solo, here’s a few ways to dress it up, making it absolutely mouthwatering!

Smoothies: Smoothies are one of our favorites year-round, but during the summer, fresh seasonal fruit makes smoothies even more amazing than usual. To get some added nutrients, mix some greens into your fruit smoothie. You’ll reap the benefits of nutrient-dense vegetables without sacrificing the fruity taste of your smoothie! Click here for 50 smoothie recipes that require 5 ingredients or less!

berry protein smoothie

Fruit cup:
 Need an after dinner sweet treat but don’t want to break your calorie budget? Try a big bowl of mixed fruit! It’s the quickest and healthiest way to squash a stubborn sweet tooth without the added guilt.


Frozen grapes: Grapes are everyone’s favorite treat! They’re perfect for summer, need little to no preparation, and if frozen, make a cool treat for a hot and humid day!


Add to cereal and oatmeal: Adding fruit to your daily breakfast cereal not only makes it sweeter, it also adds extra nutrients and fiber. From berries to pineapple, no matter which fruit you choose, you just can’t go wrong.


Muffins: Strawberry, blueberry, banana…the list could go on and on! The bottom line is that fruit-flavored muffins rock, and the whole family will love these fruity treats! Need a delicious recipe that your family will love and that also won’t ruin your next weigh-in? Try Skinny Mini Banana Bread Muffins for a yummy, guilt-free treat!


Skewers: These are such a versatile, tasty and simple treat to bring to a summer cookout. Try adding a variety of fruit on the skewer to create a refreshing and colorful kabob for your summer guests! Need more ideas? Click here for other ways to add fruit to your next barbecue!


DIY Dessert: Did you know that you can add fruit to all of your summer dessert needs! Try including a little fresh fruit to traditional recipes for a mouthwatering, healthy alternative. Check out our best fruit inspired dessert recipes such as Skinny Strawberry Pie and Skinny Apple Pie Cake, or click here for 22 healthy ways to upgrade your ice cream!


Salad: Fruit offers a great variety to spice up your salads, and pairs well with greens and healthy proteins like in this Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad recipe.


Interested in finding more salad recipes? Click here to download our Summer Salad Cookbook.

Make a parfait: Simply add some Greek yogurt and layer with fruit for a quick and easy parfait, or click here to try this Strawberry Lemon Coconut Cream Parfait compliments of Gourmande in the Kitchen.


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Go Picking: Lastly, find a local farm and grab the family to pick fresh strawberries, cherries or raspberries! Not only is the fruit amazingly fresh and in season, it’s also a fun activity for the whole family.


There are so many great ways to use fruit in your recipes and this list is just the beginning. You can also make the fresh fruit last all year and do some canning or make jellies or jams. Visit your local farmer’s market and stock up on all the fresh and local fruits that are in season and add a little bit of nature’s sugar to your daily diet!