Perhaps you are kicking butt at the gym and well on your way to getting bikini ready for summer. Or maybe you’re just starting a new fitness routine and diet. Either way, kudos to you! But, the other half is not on board, is he?  Here are some ways to get your hubby back on track to a healthy lifestyle. It’s so much easier when you can work together as a team towards a common goal–and health is the most important goal of all!
1. Meal Planning. make sure you meal plan for the upcoming week. This includes his breakfasts, lunches, and dinners would hopefully be together as a family. If not, plan dinners he can take to work and heat up. If he is provided with healthy (and tasty) choices, it will be harder to grab take-out or snack on sweets.
2. Work out together. Plan workouts you can do together. Even if you are at different fitness levels, make some time to workout a few times a week as husband and wife. Go on jogs around the neighborhood, hike in a nearby park, do CrossFit style workouts in your backyard, swim laps, hit the gym, go on walks after dinner each day, and the list goes on.
3. Keep him motivated. Encourage and support him. If he knows you have his back, that will only contribute to his success.
4. Go shopping. Guys aren’t usually much into shopping, but if you take him to a local sporting goods store, or a fitness store and pick him up some new outfits and shoes, or sports equipment, you can be sure he’ll be a lot more interested than he was last week holding your purse at the mall.
5. Let him have a cheat meal. One or two cheat meals (not days…I said meals) a week won’t hurt, especially if you both are working out at least 5 times a week. Having a cheat meal or two will allow him to feel more free and less like he is being deprived.
6. It’s okay to fail. It really is. You may have one bad lunch, or one bad dinner, or even one bad day or week. But there’s only one place to go from there, and it’s up. Dust yourself off, go back to your workout schedule and healthy eating, and keep on keepin’ on.
7. Snack wisely. Some men like to graze throughout the day. Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand that won’t increase his pant size. Try a fruit plate, hummus and vegetables, goat cheese and whole grain crackers, baked sweet potatoes, green smoothies, etc. Check out Skinny Mom’s recipe index for more food options.
8. Get involved in his favorite sports. What better way to workout than to not feel like you’re actually working out? Does he like golf? Go hit 18 holes with him. Does he like baseball? Go to the batting cages. Is he into basketball? Play some horse at the park. You know what he’s into, now go plan a date!
9. Get a scale. This can be scary, but if he knows where he’s at, he can set a goal and know where he is in relation to the goal as he works towards his fitness aspirations.
10. Change the family routine. If you usually sit on the couch and watch TV after dinner, why don’t you go on a walk instead? Especially now that the weather is warming up!