Studies have shown that regular date nights are good for strong, healthy relationships, but scales have shown that weekly pizza and buttery popcorn-filled movie dates are bad for the seams of our pants. So, what’s a couple to do? Well, for starters, try thinking out of the date box! Dates don’t have to be big heavy dinners, they can be whatever you want. Afterall, this is America and you’re an adult. If you need a little help busting out of your date rut, take a look at our picks for healthier date ideas:

couple looking at a map during a hike

Take a hike. Throw on some comfy clothes, pack a snack, and hit the trails. Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, hiking is the prefect way to spend quality time together without distractions such as television, email, and children.

Hit the meat market. Well the meat section of the local farmer’s market anyway. We’re not taking away the beloved dinner and a movie date but suggesting a little tweak. Buy fresh local ingredients at the farmer’s market, prepare a delicious healthy meal together, and enjoy a movie on the couch.

couple drinking red wine at home

Wine and chocolate. I repeat, wine and chocolate. Yes, you read that right, we are advocating a wine and chocolate night. Treat yourselves to high quality organic dark chocolate and wine (sorry Hershey’s and Boone’s Farm). Get out the good crystal and have a fancy wine and chocolate tasting.

Couples massage. Massages feel great, and they’re also pretty darn good for you. In addition to being a great de-stresser, massages have also been shown to lower blood pressure, boost immune systems, and decrease inflammation.

couple laughing together playing golf

Tee off.  Who doesn’t love a sport that encourages day drinking? A trip to the driving range is a great excuse to dress up in your cutest golf outfit and have a beer or two with your hubby. Oh yeah, and it’s also a great core workout.

Let the dogs out. Want an active date with a side of good karma? Call your local animal shelter and volunteer to take some dogs out for a walk and some cuddles.

couple riding bikes outside

Bicycle built for two. Well not really, we think you should each use your own bike. Whether you’re on vacation or just peddling around your own neighborhood, seeing the sites by bike is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and get some great exercise.

Shake your groove thing. Why not try a dance class to get your blood pumping on your next date? And a dance class isn’t just a great way to burn calories, it’s also an hour long PDA. But, unlike most PDAs, this is perfectly acceptable and won’t make everyone around you want to puke.

couples at a dinner party

Potluck dinner party. Who says a date has to be just the two of you? Invite a few couples over and tell everyone to bring their favorite healthy dish and copies of the recipe. You’ll have a fun night, eat some new (hopefully) tasty food, and add a few new entries to your recipe box.

Batter up. Time to release your inner jock! Hit the batting cages to crush an obliques workout for you next date. You’ll burn more calories, eat less junk, and even have more fun than you would sitting in the stands for a major league game.

Do you have a go-to healthy date option?  Let us know in the comments below!