One of the most difficult parts of the roller coaster that is pregnancy is what to do about all those extra hormones. Yes, the ones that make you cry over a diaper commercial or scream because the grocery store ran out of your favorite ice cream. Part of the reason your mind and body can go into a tailspin is due to raised levels of estrogen and progesterone in your system. These can cause the mind and body to flip the switch from calm to hysterics in the blink of an eye. To make your pregnancy more emotionally bearable, read ahead for ten ways to tame those pregnancy hormones.

Turn On The Tunes. Music connects to our emotions. We use it for inspiration and motivation, and even play it for an unborn baby to stimulate brain development. Why not use it to take your emotional scale from a ten to a one. Create a playlist with soothing sounds or songs that bring you to a happy place. Whether it is a babbling brook or Beethoven, close your eyes for a few songs and focus on nothing but your impending serenity.

Get In The Tub. This one works on so many levels. It is not enough to have your pregnant mind swirling around onesies and breastfeeding, so chances are this miracle is also turning your body into a hot mess. Combat mental and physical aches and pains by taking a long, relaxing bath. Pick any soothing scent that your pregnancy nose will allow and just soak. Bask in the quiet while relieving those achy muscles. Keep in mind to set the water temperature at a safe range and always (always!) have a helper for getting in and out of the tub!

Get a Massage! This just works…pregnant or not. We know the physical benefits of massages, but many mommies-to-be may wonder about the hormonal benefits. AmericanPregnancy.org says that after a massage, “….hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol (‘stress hormones’) were reduced and dopamine and serotonin levels were increased (low levels of these hormones are associated with depression).” In addition, there is strong evidence that links massage to fewer birthing complications as well as improved function!

Talk, Talk, Talk. It is common for pregnant woman to be overwhelmed and even have feelings of animosity toward those who aren’t in their condition. These feelings are okay but it is important not to bottle them up. This only creates more stress and that is the last thing your body needs. So grab your partner, family member or even a trusted church official who is just there to listen. Even if your thoughts may seem irrational, it is important to address what is causing the stress so it does not interfere with your health and mental well being.

Prenatal Yoga, Baby! I will take any excuse to do me some yoga, and being preggers is no exception. Yoga is an amazing way to gain mental clarity, teach you to practice controlled breathing which aids in relaxation and release stress. Chakrahealingsounds.com tells us that a deep breathing technique called ujjayi breathing relaxes the mind, give you more energy and clears toxins out of the system. For some great yoga poses from first to third trimester, click here!

prenatal yoga

Make Yourself Feel Good. Think about what refreshed your mind pre-pregnancy. If it was lunch with the girls, mani/pedis or a late-night trip to the movies, do what makes you feel good. Take this time to reflect on how hard you are working to create this life inside you and think of this feel-good activity as a reward for all of your efforts.

Prepare Yourself. Many worries of mothers-to-be stem from uncertainty, lack of information and disorganization that come with this major life change. Take the time to educate yourself with books, magazines and even the help of other mommies. Make lists of things you will need (really need), tackle any forms you may need to fill out for the hospital or insurance and start purchasing your baby items as early as you can. If you break down these activities throughout your pregnancy, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as birth approaches.

Don’t Forget To Snack. Your body is eating for two, or even three or four, and that is easy to forget sometimes. What To Expect informs us that low blood sugar can be a major cause of the crankies. Ward this off by carrying healthy snacks with you when you travel, shop or work to keep your emotions from overflowing due to hunger.

Get Moving. Exercising releases awesome endorphins that make us feel super, so use exercise for its many benefits. Along with keeping your weight under control, Everyday Family boasts that pregnancy exercise helps for better sleep, contributes to a more positive self-image and definitely eases stress. You can do all kinds of exercises while pregnant, including weight training!

ASK. FOR. HELP. We cannot stress enough the importance of not overdoing it. The physical and emotional rigors of pregnancy are hard enough without adding piles of laundry, errands and other kiddos to the mix. Reach out to others in these situations and ask them help where they can. This way you aren’t spreading yourself too thin and some of the stress and pressure is off you.

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