You’ve just barely started to break a sweat, but your mind has already moved on to the next thing on your list. Or maybe it has moved back to your bed, and you are picturing climbing back under the covers. You don’t need to actually finish this workout, right? You’ll just do better tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.

Even the most disciplined of exercisers will sometimes find themselves considering ditching a workout. So what do you do in those times? How do you push yourself through? Use these ideas to keep your head in the game.

woman running sprints on the street

1. Do something fun. If you hate running, why are you running? If dancing seems like torture, why try to push through dance cardio? Find something that you love to do and you are more likely to stick with it.

woman lifting weight listening to music

2. Good tunes. Is there a song that you just have to dance to every time it comes on the radio? Some songs just move you, and those are what you should put on your playlist to keep you moving when you otherwise might feel like giving up.

3. Breathe. At those moments when your muscles are shaking and you feel like you can’t do even one more rep, taking a nice, controlled breath can help you to power through.

woman running on the beach

4. Work out at the same time every day. Habits are powerful things. If you get up and exercise at the same time every day, it soon becomes as natural as brushing your teeth, and thoughts of giving up won’t even cross your mind.

5. Focus on technique. If you find your thoughts straying to all the things you could be doing instead of working out, shift your focus to your technique and make sure you are really focusing on the moves.

brooke griffin in a cute workout tank top

6. Cute workout clothes. It’s easier to wake up early and go work out when you know you will look great doing it!

7. Find your mantra. Remember the little engine that could? “I think I can” got him up the hill. Find a mantra that works for you, whether it’s “I think I can,” or I’m awesome,” or “exercise is cheaper than therapy.”

two women in a yoga class

8. Don’t go it alone. If you exercise with a partner, you aren’t going to be as tempted to give up and end your sweat session early. If you can’t work out with someone, finding someone to be accountable to that you can report to each day can also be very effective.

9. Remind yourself it is temporary. Feel like giving up? But you’ve only got five more minutes! You can do anything for five minutes. Reminding yourself it is temporary can give you that extra boost you need to get through just a few more reps or run another mile.

weight lifting

10. Smile! The saying, “Fake it ‘till you make it” works well when working out, too. Smiling, even if you don’t feel like it, releases endorphins and serotonin into your system, and before long you will find yourself enjoying your workout.

These tips will push you through even on the tough days so you get the full benefit of your workout. After all, the ultimate inspiration is seeing your great results! Need a little more motivation? Check out these 21 products to keep you on track!