When the snack munchies hit, it’s dangerous wherever you are. But, at the office it can really seem like a barren waste land of well, waste food. Don’t run out and buy an over processed granola bar or a bag of chips! Arm your office with healthy bite sized treats. Check out these 10 SM Approved Snacks:

1. Pretzel Crisps: These come in so many flavors from your classic “Everything” to “Buffalo Wing.” 7 of these crisps are only 110 calories, and trust me these will fill you up! Photo Credit here.


2. Skinny PB and Fruit Protein Balls: These no bake protein balls are oozy-gooey and delicious. For as messy as they look, they don’t leave you with sticky fingers! (via Skinny Mom) Photo Credit here.


3. Chocolate and Granola Apple Wedges: 4 chocolate dipped apple wedges are only 132 calories! Try and savor this sweet, crisp snack because you will devour them! (via Eat Yourself Skinny)


4. POPChips: These aren’t fried OR baked. That’s right, they are literally, “popped.” It’s made via heat and pressure,  no preservatives. If you’re curious to learn more about the popping process, check out this video here. Photo Credit here.


5. Sabra Hummus Singles with Homemade Pita Chips: First, learn how to bake your very own pita chips by Fit for a Feast by clicking here. It’s a super simple recipe. Next go out and get a pack of the Sabra Hummus Singles from your local grocer. These single serves are the perfect pita chip companion. At 150 calories per cup, you have a control over when to stop–no more trying to count how many servings you just ripped through. Photo Credit here.


6. Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper: Edamame is a known fatigue fighting food. They are naturally sweeter, so the salt balances the sweet. (via theKitchn) Photo Credit here.


7. Emerald Breakfast on the Go: I personally love the Berry Blend–those yogurt covered raisins and glazed walnuts are heavenly on a hectic morning! Now this is a higher calorie snack, but it’s packed with protein and good fats so it should keep you super satisfied. Photo Credit here.


8. Gluten Free Almond Butter Health Balls: Super easy, no bake recipe that comes out delicious…what more could you ask for on a stressful workday?! Make a big batch and save them in your fridge. (via Daily Bites)


9. Ants On a Log: Yes, this is an old school–we are talking elementary school–snack. But, they are really healthy and take more time to actually chew than to make! Simply buy some celery, measure out a serving of peanut butter (should be about 2 Tbsp) and divvy that out between about 10 cut celery sticks. Place raisins on top and voila! (via The Cooking Photographer)


10. Skinny Trail Mix: Popcorn is a great low-cal snack for work. But, you have to be very careful on what kind of popcorn you are purchasing. Topped, coated and buttered popcorn adds TONS of unnecessary cals. Try our trail mix for more flavor with less guilt! (via Skinny Mom) Photo Credit here.