Children should grow up with activity in their lives. It improves their self-esteem and teaches them healthy living skills and values they will take into their adult lives and eventually in their own families. Participation in activities enhances physical development and provides a healthy & balanced outlook on life. Here are 10 signs you grew up in a fit and fun home!
  1. You had a Fun & Fitness Kids Treadmill instead of an Activity Walker.

  2. Your family vacations consisted of bike tours, white water rafting, cross-country skiing, and hiking the Alps.

  3. Your after school babysitter was the Tot Room at the city rec center.

  4. The only yoga class you’ve ever been to is called Mommy and Me!

  5. When you sat down for your mom to do your hair, you always ended up with a ponytail.

  6. Your DVD collection has more Jillian Michaels than Michael Bay…

  7. …and your library is full of Women’s Health, not Little Women.

  8. Instead of a swivel chair in your home office you had a stability ball.

  9. You know that mopping your floors for 30 minutes can burn over 100 calories.

  10. The dog doesn’t know what going for a walk is. But he does know what an R-U-N is.