If you’re anything like me, winter can mean living with an emergency chapstick on the nightstand, dresser and bathroom counter. Not to mention all the lip gloss piled up in my purse! The cold is rolling in with its windy, dry air and leaving lips chapped, skin dry, throats sore, and heads all stuffy!

So, can our only choices really be endlessly slathering lotion on our skin or just giving in to legs that look like a lizard’s scales?! Maybe it’s time to change things up! So many common winter ailments you face can be knocked out just by giving dry air the boot, and ending dry air can be as simple as adding a humidifier to your home!

Because of my love for these little winter lifesavers, I’ve come up with 10 reasons you’d be crazy to go through this winter without getting a humidifier for your house (and each of your kids’ rooms)!


Fight Off Bugs: Added moisture lets your throat and nose block dust and bacteria like the flu, cough and cold.

It’s Shocking: We all know that dry air causes static electricity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped just from turning on a light switch! But, these little shocks can be more than annoying. Sometimes they can seriously hurt your computers or other electronics!

Hit the Floor: Low humidity levels can dry out and damage wooden floors, furniture, plaster and paint!


Breathe Easy: Humidifiers can reduce headaches and nose bleeds that come on with dry air!

The Magic Number: Pneumococcus, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus can be dramatically reduced when the relative humidity is between 40% and 50%, than if a home was above 70% or below 20%.

Bye Bye Blanket: Well, maybe! I’ve been known to spend a good portion of the winter months cuddled up under my coziest blankets, but getting out from under the covers doesn’t have to be so bad. Proper humidification lets you feel warmer even when your house is set to a lower temp!


Sleep Like A Baby: Adding humidity to the air lets the lining of your little one’s nasal passage stay moist and loosens the mucus clogging their nose, throat and lungs, helping them breathe and sleep better!

Carry A Tune: Like your wood floors, wooden instruments like pianos and guitars can be affected by dry air! Keep music in the air by keeping the air moist!

Medicine Is In The Air: You can add breathing aids to the humidified water, providing soothing medicated air that is safe for your baby!


Sound Sleeping: No need to be pushing your hubby on his side in the middle of the night, as using a humidifier is one way to stop snoring in a natural way!

Bonus #11: Some of these humidifiers are super cute! An elephant! A raindrop! It’s almost like adding a healthy little piece of decor to a child’s room!

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